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SPECIFIC differences between "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)" and "SmartThings Classic"



As of this writing, it appears the STSC does not recognize hue light strips attached to a hue bridge. However, they will be discovered automatically if you are using the classic app.

(Stephen Hill) #65

Is everybody now supposed to be using the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app? I’ve often thought this.

I’ve not received an email saying that I should (UK). So I’m still using the SmartThings Classic app.

Seems a long time to announce that they were mothballing the Classic app, and to not be told to move over to the new version.


Migration questions should be asked in the other thread.

This thread is only for a list of specific differences between the two apps. Please read post #1 in this thread if you’re not sure what goes here. Thanks. :sunglasses: