SPECIFIC differences between "SmartThings Classic" (the V2 app) and “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” (the V3 app)

Please take discussion of future developments, complaints, design ideas, what support said, etc. to the discussion thread:

"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)"

This thread should only be used to list specific differences between the two apps. If we get off into all of the other discussions, this thread will cease to be useful.

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A date for deprecation of SmartThings (Classic) App has not been officially announced anywhere.

As usual, random information like this from SmartThings Support is not trustworthy.

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New app can now set hub connected device settings. This is @krlaframboise dome siren DTH. I have t tried changing anything yet, though.


I just checked some of my other handlers like the Zooz Smart Switch and those settings are shown too.

I wonder when they made that change?


Today I think.

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Is it safe to run both the classic app and the new app on my phone? Even if I’m using my phone as a presence sensor?


The presence sensing for the two apps is completely separate. You’ll only want to use one of them as presence sensor.

I ran both apps for close to a year with the classic app has presence sensor. Started having long delays with that app triggering presence changes so I removed the sensing in the classic app, set it up in the new app. All working well, both apps still installed.

iOS has trouble with mobile presence when both apps were installed. I got sick of fiddling with it and deleted the Classic app from my phone. Only have it on an iPad now.

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So, I haven’t used the STSC app in a long time. It looks like a lot of the missing items from the v2 app are now there. Am I right? I feel like I could switch over to this now. I see custom SmartApps. It looks like webcore is working. I understand the change from routines to automations/scenes. I have several custom device handlers that also seem to be working.

Is it time to come back to the fold? :slight_smile:

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Is not perfect yet, but improving. I keep finding the need to go back to Classic. Some Settings for various devices (custom or native) are not working. I stumbled on two yesterday, changing Settings for HEM custom device and changing setting for builtin Ecobee. Also, converting Classic routines into scenes didn’t go well. I reached a point where new scenes were not saving, I guess I reached my behaviors limit.


WebCoRE doesn’t arm/disarm STHM in the new app yet but you can use automations to do that


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