Specific automations (involving water/smoke) not working

I’ve created two automations for water detection:

One runs locally and is set to turn on lights and a siren.

The other runs in the cloud and is set to send a notification.

The local automation does not work, the cloud one does. The local one appears to make no attempt to run, even though the IFs are the same for both.

I’ve tested the same approach with contact sensors and have no issues. It appears to be isolated to smoke and water sensors.

STHM is fully deleted so it doesn’t appear to be interfering.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

If you look at the history of the water sensor, does it shows the wet/dry events properly?

Yes. As mentioned, it triggers the automation to send the notification. I see it alternating from wet to dry in the individual device history. The app notifications show that the automation sending the notification has run. It also shows that the notification to turn off a pump has run (also running in the cloud from what I see). But the automation to turn on lights and siren is not running.

I’m thinking it might be a platform issue.

I have an existing cloud-based automation to turn off a pump when a leak is detected. It works fine.

When I recreate that automation, it creates it as a local automation, and it no longer works.

Again, seems to be isolated to water and smoke sensors for me.

I believe this was a result of custom device handlers for my water and smoke sensors running locally. I updated them to run in the cloud and the automation execution moved to the cloud and now operates properly. Thanks.