Special event for one room

I’m having the problem that from time to time one of our family is having a bath with dimmed light. Though the scenarios defined will switch iff the light after 5min without movement, which is obviously not sufficient. I could now create a dedicated Mode for that. But the point ist that in all other rooms I don’t want to handle the this ‘special’ mode for the bathroom as I may have others.
Any genius idea?

One consideration, add door sensors.

On all my bathrooms I have door sensors. When combined with a motion sensor you create a concept called wasp in a box.

When the door/portal on a closed space (like a bathroom) is closed - if motion happens while the port is still closed you can assume that space is occupied until the door opens again. The wasp is trapped in the box.

To accomplish this in ST you’ll probably need a few automations. One a virtual switch (or something) to hold wasp state. The first automation sets the virtual true if motion happens and the door is closed (precondition)

The if wasp comes on, turn on your active scene or lighting or whatever. (do the thing)

If the door opens and wasp is on turn off your wasp switch.

When the wasp turns off treat it like your notion sensor clearing.

Net effect motion latches ON if the door is closed and stays that way until it opens again.

Then you just make wasp functionality part of your normal setup for any space that has these features.


Instead of a mode, maybe use a virtual switch? Then make the other scenarios for that bathroom include the condition that that switch is off.

That way you are only working with one room, none of your other automations are affected. :bathtub:


Thanks for your ideas. As I don’t use sensors on these doors and I’m not eager to install the wasp in a Box idea isn’t working out for me.
The virtual switch I really like, thanks for the great idea.

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