Speaker Notifications

I would love to take advantage of the ntotication feature where it says “you’ve got mail” when my mail arrives or dings when the door opens. I see that only 3 speakers are listed under devices - does anyone have experience with integrating other (less expensive) speakers?!

I use LANnouncer on a cheap Android device running 5.0 (you can purchase as little as $20 at Walmart). For bigger sound, you can connect to speakers via Bluetooth. It does everything you request along with a SmartApp called Big Talker.


I have got one of these:

hooked up to a cheap amplified speaker I had around the house and it works just fine.

The Aeon Labs Aeotec Doorbell costs about $50 and it allows you to store and play up to 100 mp3s. There are some free websites that allow you to create mp3s that say anything you want.

The Device Handler below lets you play the mp3s by track number using any SmartApp that supports the Music Player Capability. Some examples are SHM, Smart Alarm, Notify with Sound, and Rule Machine.

If you don’t need the doorbell button, that Device Handler also allows you to use it for something else like a panic button. I personally use the button to turn night mode on before I go to bed and off when I get up.


Lots of us are using inexpensive Android tablets as “control centers” (see posts about Smarttiles, Tasker and Sharptools). Do that, and you can configure a cheap Bluetooth speaker to announce all sorts of things… additionally, you can turn that setup into a “poor man’s Alexa” that will take voice commands.

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I have an Alexa. Any configuration for that as a speaker?

Not directly, you can use the Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth speaker. I use an Android tablet connected to mine and it works great. All Alexa commands still work even when connected.

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Was it easy to hook this up to Smartthings for notifications?