Speaker Mood Music - once per day option?


Anyone having issues with the once per day option under the Speaker Mood Music smartapp?
I’ve got a radio station triggered on a Sonos speaker when motion is detected in the morning. But only once per day option selected. So i would expect if motion is detected again, it doesn’t retrigger it. Nor does it retrigger if I switch off the Sonos.


I’m having an issue, I have my Sonos set to tell me the weather forecast upon motion, the rule works great until I tick the once per day option, then it fails to trigger.
I can even delete the smart app, re create it with the box ticked and it still won’t trigger upon the first motion so I know it’s not waiting for the next calendar day.

I’m told by support it’s a known issue. But don’t know when a fix will be released.

Ahh good, I thought I was going mad. I might add a mode and change my rules and routines to try and get it to work.

Edit: if I create a pre notification(morning) mode, set my speaker smart app only valid in that mode, then also create a rule within smartrules effectively changing the mode to home upon motion but with a 1 minute delay so the speaker app will fire once, then the smart rule will change the mode, that should work right?