Speaker Companion with variables

I am migrating from the old smartthings app to the new samsung version. On the old app I used to use BigTalker2 to send an audio notification when an event occurs. Like when I open one of the doors, or when a family member arrives. I was able to use variables in the TTS message. See here if you are not familiar with BigTalker2: http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=BigTalker

One of the smart apps in new samsung smartthings is Speaker Companion. And that is what I am using now since BigTalker2 doesnt work on new smarthings. Is it possible to use variables in the notification text when using speaker companion smart apps on the new samsung smart things, (like in BigTalker2) ? For example I want to set notification text to something like "%devicename% is now %devicestatus%, so when I open patio door, the audio notification says “Patio door is now Open”. This will definitely saves the number of automation/notification you have to setup. Is that possible?

unfortunately it is not possible to use variables at this time

It can be done if you use some other smartapps like echo speaks or rboy’s chimes and notifications

@mvevitsis, thanks for the reply and suggestions. I looked up both. It looks like echo speaks might be a good option, but it works with amazon only. I am using Sonos speaker with Google assistant. So I dont think that will work for me. Also I read more about rboy and that seems to be a paid subscription. Since I am not sure if it will solve the problem I am stating here, I am hesitant to subscribe.

Any other options or suggestion anybody can think of?

Even after migrating, you can continue to use the old app and use BigTalker2. You just can’t use routines or SHM in the old app.

Hopefully before they turn off the support for the old app, all of these missing features will be available in the new app.
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