Speaker Companion triggering incorrectly

I use SPeaker COmpanion to play dog barking sounds when

  1. Both my wife and are out, and the SHM is Armed, Away.
  2. A door gets rattled, ie vibration detector goes off.

However, if one of us leaves the house, and then someone comes to the door, the dogs start barking.
Is anyone else seeing issues with this smartapp ? and is there a way to turn on logging in the Speaker Companion to see why the heck it thinks it should trigger ?

Presumably you’re only testing for either Away Mode or Armed? Obviously the simpler the steps the easier to trace the problem. If you’re only testing for Away and vibration for the dog to bark (I wish real dogs could be controlled so well…) then you need to check that Away mode is coming on at the right time. I feel as though you’re not tracing the problem back far enough. So first check that the system is correctly identifying when you are both out, one step back from this end product.