Speaker companion error?

Anyone else getting errors with the speaker companion smartapp and sonos? Under ‘Play a notification’, when ever i select a thing under ‘When…’ i get a ‘Failed to save’ error on the android app. The iOS app just crashes at the same point.

You may need to use a different app. Just tested the Notifications add on for EchoSistant and it (still) works…

Someone else must be having this same problem, surely? I don’t know of any other app I can use.

@Jonathan_Musto yep, I’m seeing the same iOS app crash when I try to select something under “When…”

Please reach out to Support about this as we are tracking the issue.

I’ve not got this error, but my SONOS devices Sony resume music after a notification or change to another playlist/station.

This issue seems to be resolved for me now. Everything is working as expected.

Does anyone get a long delay in when an event is trigger until the actual spoken announcement? I’m getting about 4-5 sections which renders this effectively worthless for my application. i.e. Kids ran out the front door and I don’t get a notice until they’re half way in the yard already. Others have reported this, but haven’t seen any fix/workaround. Thanks.

Don’t know how comfortable you are with installing a custom app. But I would like to challenge you to try RemindR and report back if your lag improves.

RemindR has a “deafult” setting that routes tts to speaker using a “fast lane”. If you still have noticeble lag, then it means your connection is slow and the only way to speed it up is to run your speakers on Ethernet.