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Where is the Spark Core documentation? Ive searched everywhere and see nothing. I see the device type in the IDE and I was able to add one using my device ID, but where do I go from there? Does it somehow include SmartThings library? How do I include it? Etc Etc…

Oh wow, that probably shouldn’t still be on there.

If we’re looking at the same thing, that device type isn’t the Spark Core, that’s the original Spark, from their first (failed) kickstarter:

For working with Spark Core, you won’t need to include any libraries, just make a device type that calls the Spark API using our REST methods, like httpGet and httpPost.

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Wow - Glad I caught that. Any documentation with REST specifically related to sparkcore? Am I really the first one trying to do this? :slight_smile:

Zach from Spark here - I haven’t played with the SmartThings API stuff yet, but if it provides GET and POST mechanisms, then Duncan’s correct. Here’s our API documentation:

Right now we don’t have a proper OAuth mechanism in place so authentication is kind of wonky, but soon we’ll be implementing an authentication mechanism better suited for linking to other services like SmartThings. Let us know how this works for you!

Heres our API documentation… Was there supposed to be a link there? Looks like it got filtered out.

Hi everyone! I wrote a little tutorial on how to integrate Spark Core to SmartThings. It includes code and step by step instructions.

Spark Core for IoT device development in SmartThings

Hi Juan

Thanks for the Tutorial , it was helpful.

In the tutorial , I have followed, as per your instructions, but i am unable to get the last step .

"In the device Preferences you will be able enter your Device ID and your Access Token"
I am not able to get this option to enter Device ID and Access Token.

Kindly help me …

Thanks for the Spark Core information. I now have basic communication between a Spark Core and SmartThings working. Now comes the next step.

I wish to use the Spark Core to read an array of switches, and use the state of these switches to control devices in SmartThings. Although the temperature and humidity application would allow for a polling type of interaction, I would like the response time to be as fast as possible. Rather than trying to poll the state of the switches at a high frequency, it would be better to have the Spark Core generate an event when a switch state changes that would then be received by SmartThings. I am exploring the documentation, but am wondering if anyone has done this before, or can point me to some examples that will help me get the pub/sub model implemented.

Thanks for your help!

Any luck? I’m trying to do something like this myself. My Spark Core is connected to a motion sensor and I’d like to have an event dispatched to the SmartThings hub as soon as motion is detected. I feel like this one bit is missing from the documentation. Server-sent events, which Spark Core can put out easily, aren’t supported (I think?) by ST. I just want the ST hub to listen for what the Spark Core puts out.

After a bit of a hiatus I’m back at trying to get my project ported over to the Spark Core. I learned a lot from @juano2310’s excellent tutorial, but like the previous poster I want to send events back to the cloud from the local device. Is there any easy way to do this?

I have a work in progress for using the Spark and SmartThings. It isn’t complete but the Smart app will create a Spark webhook and SmartThings endpoint so they can trigger things on each other with 1-2 second delay. I still need to finish several parts but it may at least be a starting point for you. I also made a device type to show the Spark’s online status and the RSSI.



Hi I’m working, in my spare time, in a complete solution to integrate Spark to SmartThings. The idea is that after authenticating with your user it will list all the Spark Devices in your account and it will install all the select ones using a device type with the same name as the device. This will allow developers and hackers create complete solutions and to share them faster without worrying about complex setup.
I will also focus on a simple way of sending messages between both platform like the Arduino Shield does and hopefully we can get more people developing new devices for SmartThings using Spark Devices.


@juano2310 @AndyRawson Thanks for both your replies. I’m still tinkering but haven’t been successful yet.

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