Spare Hue Bloom

I got rid of my fish tank where I had my Hue Bloom lighting it up, so I now have a spare Hue Bloom light and I can’t figure out where to use it next. Besidss donating it to one of you folks which I know will be the obvious joke, how are some people using your Blooms?

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The most common use for a bloom is donating it to me. Obviously. Duh!

I would use that in a corner of the living room for ambient light.

What happened to the fish?! :wink: moved out on their own?


Keeping a 3.5 gallon tank healthy is proving to be a great challenge and the kids lost interest in it. I guess it’s harder to keep a small tank healthy compared to a bigger one :frowning:

I have a 13 gallons as a result of the smallest bringing three goldfish home from a silly fair… Two still alive, almost two years later, but they don’t have a bloom ;)))

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I use mine for holiday lighting. I have 2 Blooms and one of the color changing bulbs. Place them in the windows lighting up my shades. Basically I run them from October through Valentines day.

Halloween is a purple “spooky” color. On Halloween I have the Hue app running to make them flash.
Thanksgiving is Orange
Christmas Red/Green
Valentines Day is Red


Cool idea. Wife might actually like that except for Christmas part since we’re Jewish lol (I’ll make it blue for Hanukkah). I am thinking of using it as an indicator for either weather(I saw there’s a smart app for that) or Simplisafe status (green when disarmed, red when armed).


I have three iris and one bloom. The bloom sits on the floor behind our recliners and at night the lamps behind us turn off and the bloom turns. Provides lighting without any glare.

One iris is in an upstairs window that glows green after dark (support our vets). The other two iris… Ummm… I’m honestly not sure where they are right now… Probably in the garage… Our a closet… I think… I find stuff I lose all of the time.

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I made my life simpler. Technically a Christian, I celebrate them all. If there is a reason to have a beer and be happy, I’ll turn on my Hue lights ;)))


Question, is it true that the bloom only puts up 120 lumen? Is it rather dim?

Yes, perfect night light in my boys’ rooms

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And the iris is twice that.

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Bloom is good for color-coded notifications. :sunglasses:


So I setup the Bloom to turn red if a lock or door is open for an extended period of time. Thanks for the suggestions!

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You can use it for multiple notifications with different colors.

Trick is teaching the wife what the different colors mean. " The cellar was flooded ??? Is that why the lights were all flashing blue ??? "

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