Space Monkey 1TB NIB

Will it work with ST? Or, does it have an open API so you can spank your spacemonkey in the cloud? :grin:

Not sure what you mean. It’s a backup device using encryption on a distributed cloud architecture. It’s 1TB in capacity. There should be the appropriate links in the Ebay ad to their product fluff and you can google “space money backup” ; all the reviews are excellent, I just don’t have a need for it anymore and as I said, it’s still in the original mailed to me from them packaging. It’s $218 from their store or $120 shipped priority mail if you want mine. Don’t see a direct linkage between this and ST.

If there’s no linkage between this and ST, why did you post it here?

Because most of us here were originally Kickstarter backers who probably all love technology and enjoy being on the bleeding edge of new things. Many of us here are the exact target audience who would be interested in buying something like this.

Even I looked and drooled for a few minutes, and I have a Lima coming whenever they get around to shipping it so I have no need for something like this.

This is still available if anyone is interested.