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"Spa -Mode" Very High xAF (Very Complicated Back-End)

(GLlew) #1

I’m in the process of setting up a “spa mode” where the SO can push one button and have all of the following take place: (1) lights in bathroom dim and enter color changing mode responsive to music; (2) spotify plays “relaxation” playlist; (3) essential oil diffuser turns on.

Here’s my thoughts on accomplishing the above. I feel like I have all the pieces but if anyone has suggestions on the best way to integrate, I’d be very appreciative.

  1. Brain - ST hub V.2
  2. Interface - $50 Amazon Fire Tablet running SmartTiles with SharpTools, Tasker, Hue Disco, and Spotify in the background. Mounted in the bathroom.
  3. Lights Hue lights installed in ceiling.
  4. Speaker?? (bluetooth, WIFI?)
  5. SmartThings outlet for essential oil distributor.

My thought process so far has been to set up a SmartThings Routine as “Spa Mode.”

Essential Oil Diffuser:
Easy. Enter Spa Mode = Turn on Outlet.

More difficult. I have placed a control tab to open spotify on SmartTiles and then can play from there, but I would really prefer it to be a one-push solution where entering spa-mode automatically starts the spotify playlist. Any ideas?

The hardest so far. Once Hue Disco mode is entered its easy. The Hue Disco app controls the lights from the Amazon Fire tablet and syncs it to the music. The problem is how to launch Hue Disco automatically.

I have tried playing with tasker and SharpTools to recognize the mode and then run Hue Disco (i.e. but can’t seem to get tasker to integrate. Hopefully not a function of the Fire Tablet. Any suggestions?

THANK YOU ALL FOR ANY HELP! I will update with results as I get things figured out.

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(Ernie) #3

There are issues trying to get Google Play Services on the new Fire Tablet. See below (about post #65).


An idea. Amazon Echo could replace the tablet and speaker, stream music (pandora, etc.), and control the hue light directly with voice control. Not sure if it can directly control the other outlet, might need ST or another hub for this automation.

(GLlew) #5

Thanks Ernie, I have Google Play Services Side loaded but I’d have to check logs to see if it is running properly. I have the Google Play Store installed as well as tasker and sharptools.

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(Brandon Dorney) #6


I wanted to know if the oil diffuser worked out for you? Does it come on when with the SmartThings Outlet?

I was looking to get one that works with ST.


(Nate) #7

what ever happened with this project?? i’m mainly interested in the music control (spotify) through smarttiles

(GLlew) #8

I literally just found one last night at bed bath and beyond. It is called the Sparoom Scentifier and was 19.99. It’s powered by batteries or USB and I plugged the USB into a smartthings compatible outlet. Working great so far.

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(Brandon Dorney) #9

Thats AWESOME!!! I looked it up on amazon and there are 3 different versions. Was wondering if you could give me the model number or take a pic of the box.


(Brandon Dorney) #10
(Brandon Dorney) #11

this one? @GLlew

(GLlew) #12

Don’t have the model number on me, but yes it looks just like that.

It has a battery bay (which I am not using) and a USB connector cord (which plugs in on the back of the unit into a hole that says 3v DC in). The instructions say you can plug it into your computer and I am plugging it into a 5v USB wall adapter. It’s working fine so far, and I figured for $20 its worth the shot if I fry it with over voltage.

Most importantly, the power switch on the front below the vent stays in when pushed (not momentary) so as soon as the unit has power from the USB cable, it comes on and starts doing its thing.

Note: mine did NOT come with a USB wall adapter, just the usb / power cord. I had one lying around.