Sound/Speaker Automation?

I’d love Sonos… can’t stomach the price for the functionality though. Maybe it’s because I’m not a die hard music listener…but it just seems something like that should/could cost far less. Especially their box that essentially is just a wireless line out to your home theater system…it costs as much as their full out system.

I’ve been playing with this sort of thing. IIRC, Sonos has some “proprietary” goo onto of DLNA. The nice thing with DLNA is that it is broken into three components: 1. server, 2. controller, 3. renderer. Many NAS implementations include the server component, and there are many many products that use DLNA. There are many smartphone apps that implement all three components, and allow you to pick and choose (for instance, I played 007 Skyfall on my parents’ TV from my laptop contolled by an app on my phone). I suspect that if someone was able to create a DLNA controller component for SmartThings, that’d work pretty smoothly.


FWIW, DLNA is in sooo many network connected media components.


Great idea in theory, but as I posted in the other thread, for some reason getting 100% functionality out of Sonos is a bit of an issue for most folks.  People have been wanting and working on it for years, and there is very little to show for it.  It someone(s) here could get that working it would be huge!

Right. Hence my suggestion to use the DLNA protocol and equipment that actually make use of this. :slight_smile: (Though, that suggestion really only applies to people who do not already own SONOS equipment.) It sounds like DLNA support is under consideration, though.

I think a cloud-to-cloud connection would be the best bet. I haven’t been able to look much into direct control of a sonos device, but from what I know it seems cloud-to-cloud seems like the best option.

I’m not sure if that’s what the Andronos app was doing, but he’s the one that got closest to 100%.  DLNA is still desirable, I think some folks wander off the spec, though.

you can try Media Renderer RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)