Sound problems with lannouncer and Fire 7 tablet

So I’m discovering that I can’t rely on my fire 7 tablet with lannouncer for my speaker announcements. It appears after a few hours the tablet goes into a sleep mode where even though the sound is being pushed from webcore and smart-things it doesn’t play through my connect Bluetooth speaker. Only after I go and wake up the tablet does the sound start coming though again. Does anyone else have a fire 7 with lannouncer any one have a solution to this issue. I should note that my tablet isn’t on constant wall power I usually leave the tablet mounted on the wall and after a day or 2 I charge it up. If this problem has no solution in thinking I may have to switch over to vlc things but I really don’t want to

The not powered is likely your problem. Tablet needs to be always on to work. If it goes to sleep ( turns off the WiFi radio) it will not receive the announcements. I had LanNouncer on a Fire with no issues, it was powered and had SmartTiles running which kept it awake.

Yeah I found a feature called automatic smart suspend. I turned it off and so far that seems to solve the problem how ever now I’ll get a random sound play from my speaker and I can’t seem to trace the source it isn’t any notifications so I’m just going to monitor the situation until i figure it out