Sorry, but there was an unexpected error

Have you tried watching the ide log and making this happen. You might see what activity is happening when the crash occurs or better yet an error message.

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I tried this and did not see anything in the live log.

If you are still facing this problem on Android. (Unable to get into Things Page). Then there is a solution. Comment on coloured tile code for changing colour of background if any device is using it.

Please elaborate on your solution. I don’t understand where and what to do.

Getting this error now on every page of the app. Force closed and cleared cache with no results. Tried to log out and the app crashed. This is maddening, I can’t even turn my lights on without the app.

I’m getting it too, can’t do anything. I tried going to the developer site to look at my logs and I can’t get to that either.

Maintainence in progress. Fixing the same issue and was kicked out…9f the app with that error and now cannot get in.

I’m also getting this … all pages app responds with an error… I confused as my whole logic on getting a 2 was that if they screwed up something online i’d still have local control of my hub … Is this not the case?

It appears the API is down at the moment. I was wondering why my lights didn’t come on this morning.

Check Maintenance gone too long…

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Being in IT, I can understand that all too well… things rarely go as planned.

ST is currently down due to maintenance. Per the email they sent out last week:

On Tuesday, October 20, SmartThings will be performing upgrades and improvements to the SmartThings service in the U.S. starting at 4 am ET. During this time control of devices, automations, and notifications will not be available. The total duration of the downtime should last no more than two hours, and once the upgrade has completed, everything will resume normal operation.

My thoughts on the recent maintenance

Ok… What’s going on? I’ve been seeing this “Sorry, but there was an unexpected error” message a lot on my phone app in the past week. Additionally, my motion sensors haven’t been triggering their associated SmartApps. I’ve restarted my v2 hub and haven’t seen a email message from SmartThings signifying any maintenance being done. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?


Nah… It happens all the time. Get used to it, sorry.

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Getting this constantly in app. Wasn’t happeneing till a few days ago. Tried going back a version, still occurs although when i originally had version 2.0.6, I never saw it. Reported to support.


Happening to me too but doesn’t seem to cause any issues.


Same here. I still say based on ST history it should say “An EXPECTED error has occurred” :slight_smile:


Yea, just wait until this Friday evening and on through the weekend when all the new hubs and devices come on line… Yea, baby.
This will for sure will generate expected errors…


Unplug now, to get used to the heightened ST capabilities…