Sorry, but there was an unexpected error

Likely not the apps fault. These “Unexpected error” messages are quite “expected” by now. They happen randomly with just about anything you attempt to do with the android app. I think when the app tries to communicate with the server it often has issues and displays this message. Could be load, could be network latency, whatever. It doesn’t matter because as a network protocol the app should be expecting and handling these issues.

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I am unable to install and configure my new Aeon Doorbell because of this error. Every time I click next to get to the configure page I get the error. ST you guys really need to get your act together !!!

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Same problem - out of the box - very annoyed. Is there a resultion in the works?

So I get this thing for Christmas and have been reading through all the forums that date back to early 2015. Is Samsung going to address this issue or just keep stating “we’re workiing on it”. As a IT engineer that deals with issues consonantly this is very poor support for this product. Come on Samsung get your act together and address this.

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I have a gig-E fiber connection, don’t think network latency is going to be an issue. I think it’s just crap hardware installed in these boxes. I’m very close to sending this thing back with a big “F you” Samsung. This is brutal. especially since this is a second gen unit.

Always the later. They make promises, occasionally deliver, and often break the same code again later.


I am getting spammed with this error as well. I got the ST kit over christmas and have those devices paired along with some bulbs and a thermostat. It seems like I get this error message when I navigate to almost any menu on my android phone.

This is ridiculous. I am getting test darn messages on everything I do in the app.

Is there anyone that we can address this too at SmartThings. How are they not fixing this !!!

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Same here for the past week. Every button I press the damn message comes up…ugh! Frustrated…Roll back to what we had because I had no issues for a year or fix please…

I don’t think ST has any concept of “Roll Back”, they just keep going like lemmings off a cliff.

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I’m having the same problem. I had a custom app that I can no longer save any edits in the ST app. :frowning: I’m seeing a lot of this message as well as “there was an unexepcted error” (no “sorry”).

Can you guys tell me if there are any errors in live logging when these errors happen?

Really? No one at ST is seeing this error except for us users? You guys can’t duplicate this that you need to ask us for the information?

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I can definitely say no there are not. I was working on some device code today and had so many of these errors I really lost count. But never anything in the live log as I was watching it the entire time I was coding.

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Same here seems to happen more for me when im working on a device type in the ide.

Thanks guys:) I figured this was the case. Gonna go knock on some doors next week. :smile:

Make it sooner than that @slagle… My ticket for these red bar of death messages has been open for 23 freakin days!

It is beyond frustrating. Request #170379


I agree with this however it also happens all day long when I am not touching the ide. When in the ide it seems more reasonable because I just altered the groovy code and published while my phone app was displaying that very device so I can see that causing issues. However, while working in the ide my technique is "Alter code, save code, publish code, on HTC One M7 force close the app, launch the app and test. Even with this technique it was displaying this error extremely often.

@slagle one other thing that might help. When I try to install my Aeon Doorbell it gets this error 100% of the time when I try to display the “next” step in the inclusion process which usually goes to the preferences. This may be a clue about what is happening. I use jdawson’s version of the code.

Honestly I don’t see the point in this error message. Since it doesn’t tell you what code it was running when it failed how can the message help at all. I suspect the error is caused by some action in the app while you are doing something else like a notification coming in or something but I would have no way to know. I have seen this message display while I am just looking at a page for some time. This is what leads me to this idea.

This system really needs a permanent log to replace the live logging. This would allow the system to log the details of what code was running when the failure occurred and that log could then be viewed in the ide to determine what is happening. This would help support with these issue also. I can’t imagine how a system can be developed with no debugging capabilities AND no permanent logging capabilities. Make the job too difficult for developers to get it right. (OK getting off soapbox now :smile: )

Good luck tracking this sucker down. :four_leaf_clover:

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I have you beat. My first post creating this thread was June 15th :smile: of course it was fixed for a month or two in the middle.

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It may not be related, but I receive the “An unexpected error has occurred” (I guess this is versus an expected error) randomly – I have received it no matter what I am doing. It does not seem to be related to anything specific – sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. In my case, I can not see anything that didn’t work the way I expected it to work.

I seem to get this error more frequently when the cloud might be busy versus when the cloud is probably not too busy.

I think it might be related to something the cloud server might not be able to get within some timeout amount of time.

I agree, this error is very annoying, and the fact that there is no indication of what caused it…