Sorry, but there was an unexpected error

Getting this constantly in app. Wasn’t happeneing till a few days ago. Tried going back a version, still occurs although when i originally had version 2.0.6, I never saw it. Reported to support.


Happening to me too but doesn’t seem to cause any issues.


Same here. I still say based on ST history it should say “An EXPECTED error has occurred” :slight_smile:


Yea, just wait until this Friday evening and on through the weekend when all the new hubs and devices come on line… Yea, baby.
This will for sure will generate expected errors…


Unplug now, to get used to the heightened ST capabilities…


It is happening to me also.

Here as well. No amount of restarting the hub, the app, or the phone(Android) seems to have any affect.

As Bobby so eloquently put it…

“Unplug now, to get used to the heightened ST capabilities…”

Yes, something is definitely up as of late.

I had to laugh that they are emailing about paying for video clips come February. They need to fix the core smart things experience first. Then, fix the abomination of the “supported cameras” that need rebooting constantly before asking for money.

Let’s hope they are making some giant discoveries behind the scenes. Last two weeks have been pretty bad.

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You guys still seeing this?

Yes, just saw it when opening a room.

Not anymore… 20 char.

I get these same errors on android… along with network.connection errors ALL THE TIME NOW

Lets hope everyone is back to work this week and can get this fixed!!!

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Getting these errors constantly, along with Network Connection errors and modes/routines randomly failing. Rebooted hub, cleared app cache, etc. Opened a ticket but nothing yet.

Yep - the android app is a really annoying POS at this point.
Frequently complains about my network, gives unexpected errors every few minutes, and a new green Updated panel that stays in your face for about 10 seconds longer than needed.


I’m having a really hard time getting Rule Machine to work right now… hadn’t had this issue on previous versions, on previous days. Something seems to have happened on the back-end.

Happening like crazy this morning. I can’t even set up a new rule because it is failing when I enter the rule setup.

It’s come back for me too, but when I see it, I just back out and come back in with no ill effects…

Last night it took me about 20 minutes of trying to get in on Android to edit a rule. It kept saying network connectivity problem, or couldn’t load page, or something, not always the same. Very weird how it seems to have gone downhill while ST is off on holiday (?).

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I corrected that for you.

I’ve been trying to install rule machine for a week - always seem to either screw up (possible but not EVERY time, or hit one of these “times”.

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