Sonos WebSocket Edge Driver

Yup, I assumed that’s where it would start, but I was hopeful they might toss us a surprise.:smile:

Totaly… i had hopes on a few additions

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There is an issue with scanning for devices, the DTH versions re install automatically so you end up with double, this knocks the Edge versions on off line randomly, probably flooding the hub

Removed the edge driver for now as i am not happy with devices going on offline, too much traffic

Hmm, did you delete your Sonos Graham and re on board with a local scan ?

I installed the driver and did Add Device by Brand - Sonos and my players installed with DTH. Deleted them and did Scan Nearby and I got duplicates of each of my players, one DTH and one Edge. Then the Edge ones immediately went offline.

I haven’t tried it yet, I just saw it was there and thought there would be others who had more hours left in the day to play with it.

I suspect if I deleted the existing devices (one speaker installed on two hubs whether I like it or not) they’d come back. I’d certainly be plumping for a Scan Nearby, or whatever the apps calls it.

Found the same as Bruce above, got double buble Sonos speakers and then they go off line… its early doors

Il take a look in the IDE to see if there is anything legacy in there

The IDE shows both the Edge Placeholder device and the LAN Websocket DTH device.

Just deleted the placeholder versions which seems to have settled things

Your Edge devices came back online?

At present they are, i have a feeling if i ran another scan nearby it will drag in the DTH versions

if you removed the old Sonos devices from the app, did you check if the LAN Sonos devices were removed in IDE before scanning in the app for the Edge ones?

Mine are still offline but then I’m not home to actually play any music through them at the moment. Perhaps when they start “doing something” they’ll come back online.

We should probably continue these topics in Sonos WebSocket Edge Driver?

Yes. And the Scan Nearby finds a pair of players, one DTH and one Edge.

Yes. Twice. I ran it once with “Scan Nearby” and the second time by brand.

And curiously, I’m now noting that the left (groupCoordinator) of each pair is actually assigned to the DTH.

ETA: Wait. I reread what you said. I did NOT check the IDE. Will do that.

and avoid scanning by brand…

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With all Sonos devices deleted and not present in the IDE, Scan Nearby finds a pair of players, one DTH and one Edge, for each physical device.

Done. :sunglasses: …….


Hahaha… that was a dance JD, thank you :smile:

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Anyway as i said in another thread… somewhere, i deleted the edge sonos driver, there is no way i can see to stop the DTH versions loading and installing at the same time, this sends the edge drivers on off line probably due to too much traffic

So for now im back to DTH

Removing the DTH versions from the IDE has no affect, they just re populate