Sonos Strange behaviour

So before I go and raise a ticket…

Has anyone else seen weird behaviour from their Sonos integration in the last day or so… or perhaps even earlier?

I picked entirely the wrong day to try to convert from RM to CoRE it seems… I have a presence rule that includes the Sonos being on as a condition but status just would not return “on”

Looking at the device in the smartthings app, it says paused even when it quite obviously isn’t as there’s music coming out of it :slight_smile:

Also the Sonos device wasn’t showing any recent items from today at all (see pictures) , it did quickly update to include all recent tracks and then stopped again… Now it will show volume changes but not tracks played… It will intermittently pause and play from within the device but FFWD works every time…

All a bit odd any ideas?

You’re probably running into the loss of state problem:

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Thanks @JDRoberts, hopefully it’s that and not something else they have to put in the queue to fix later at some point

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