Sonos speakers on different VLAN

Does anyone know how to configure a firewall to allow SmartThings to discover and use Sonos speakers that are on a different VLAN from the SmartThings Hub? I am using ST New app and Sonos 2 controller with two Sonos One SL speakers and two Play:1 speakers. All speakers work fine within the Sonos apps.

It might work if you are forwarding multicast traffic between the VLAN the ST Hub is on and the Sonos devices. I believe it uses UPnP discovery though, which isn’t meant to traverse VLANs or subnets, so even if you are forwarding multicast, because the Sonos devices will also be on a different subnet they might be ignored.

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two questions…

what are you using for the firewall?
you said the sonos app is working… is it on the same vlan?

Ubiquity UDM Pro is my firewall. Sonos app on my Mac and IOS devices are on same network as the speakers. My ST hub and many other IoT devices are isolated on a separate VLAN.

I tried placing the Sonos speakers on the IoT VLAN, but ran into playback issues with the apps…so I moved them back and am attempting to get the current config working (if possible).

there is a good post that describes how to accomplish getting sonos to work… i used it.

look at the hayescompatible post…

another thread on unifi firewall

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Thanks! I will give those a look

  • it will require static IPs assigned to the sonos devices.

after configuring firewall, move devices to new vlan and restart. you may need to temporarily move mac/laptop to that vlan and establish a connection to sonos but then you can move it back to LAN vlan.

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