Sonos speaker different labels/ names

I have a stereo pair of sonos play 3’s.
Name: kitchen
Under things ST shows 2 kitchens:

  1. Kitchen stopped
  2. Kitchen grouped
    Which one to select for notifications through both stereo speakers.
    What is the difference between 1 and 2.

Thanks very much,

I’m fairly sure it’s the one that is not listed as ‘grouped.’

Both are seen by ST as they are separate devices on your LAN unlike in the Sonos app where once you stereo pair them it shows one ‘room’ for the pair.

Thank you.

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Can I make a suggestion? It’s only a few options- why not try both and post your findings? That’s help you to better understand your system, as well as potentially helping other people.

The answer is either will work. I have 2 Sonos ONEs in my home office. I can get notifications to play through either device.

thank you steve

Correct. I thought about it after I answered and realized it doesn’t matter which.