Sonos Questions

  1. I just setup a Sonos Playbar, Sub and 2 Play 1’s. SmartThings sees all 4 devices, but I have trouble naming which one is which. The Playbar is successfully identified as a Playbar, but the other 3 all show up as “Living Room” and Play 1. “Living Room” is the Sonos room I have setup. How do I find out which Sonos device is which now?

  2. How can I create actions for each device? Upon initial discovery during the wizard I had a chance to add actions to each device, but now I don’t see that option. I am not referring to the 3 SmartApps available in Labs.

Regarding item 2)

on Dashboard, click the + button
swipe to More->SmartThings Labs
find the bottom 3-4 Sonos apps there