Sonos Play:1


I am planning to get a Play:1 to start with. However, I am not sure if it does what I need.

First, I would like to be able to play music from my DLNA server (Serviio) running on my server at home network. But DLNA support is not defined well in anywhere.
I tried to install the Android app on my phone to see if there is the option to add a DLNA source. However, without adding a real Sonos product it doesn’t show source options.

If anyone on the forum knows;
Can I add my DLNA server as a source to the Sonos Play:1 ?

And to the point about SmartThings;
We know that we can add Sonos Play products to the ST hub. But can I play anything from my DLNA server issuing a command from my Smartthings HUB ?
What actions are available on ST hub for a Sonos Player ?


although there a few exceptions with DNLA take it that you cannot play files form a DNLA server. this has always been a criticism of Sonos, but the sonos device is in itself a DNLA server.

IMO this though has never been an issue, if you have the files on a NAS for example, just enable SMB to the directories which hold the files and point the Sonos at that SMB share, it will then catalogue and display the music library in much the same way as your DNLA server will do.

as for integrating with ST, you can get it to play music and also now TTS is working, you can get voice feedback to automated actions.

great !

so I can play any file on my SMB server using an action on my ST hub ?

how the TTS works ?
does it support multiple languages or only English at the moment ?