Sonos Notification Voice

(Ron S) #1

Looks like different ladies are responding to my Sonos notifications. :wink: I am using a custom app where I get notifications when doors are open/closed (ST contact sensors). When I open a door, I get a sweet lady’s aka @April’s voice. When I close the door, there is different voice scaring the hell out of my missus! Anybody else noticing this?

PS: Unless it’s @SBDOBRESCU

(Bobby) #2

I think is the TTS ghost chasing @slagle

(Ron S) #3

The voice is worse than the Garmin GPS lady scolding you when you take a wrong turn! :wink:

(Tim Slagle) #4

Yeah, it’s due to caching, some of the old phrases are cached from the old TTS. We are going to start purging these.

(April Wong) #5

uh, my voice?
Did you take an old recording from the developer discussions? “Hey Everyone!” ?
That’s kind of creepy! :slight_smile:


(Bobby) #6

It must be the poltergeist…


May I ask which app you are using for you door announcements, and have you figured out a solution to the issue of whatever was playing before not continuing after the announcement?

(Ron S) #8

It’s my own custom app.