Sonos Not Reporting playbackStatus

I have a Webcore piston set to turn on some TV bias lights based on if the Sonos playbackStatus is in a status of playing or stopped, however on one of my Sonos devices, the playbackStatus has stopped reporting to events since 11/5/19. My other Sonos devices are reporting the playbackStatus just fine. Any idea on how to fix this? I’m on the new DTH.

Look at the ide, and check the device events there. Try to play something stop it, pause it, start playing again. Look for the events. What is it showing there?
Are you able to control it through any of the apps?

I tried this already and when I paused, started, or stopped playing something, nothing showed up in events for playbackStatus. There were other things in there such as volume though.

I ended up removing the device and re-adding back to smartthings and the events are showing now, but a new problem came up. I can’t add the device into Webcore now. The Sonos devices don’t show up on the list of available devices to add into Webcore. Any ideas there?

As I remember WebCoRE needs some time to get the list updated. People had similar problem as you when added a new device. It might worth to ask on the WebCoRE community forum this issue.

So I found that if i change the device handler type to the old “Sonos LAN Player,” then I’m able to go into the smart apps section and check the Sonos device and have it added to webcore. However, if I use the new “Sonos LAN Player Websocket” device handler type, then the Sonos device does not show up in a list available to add to Webcore.

You need to check, have the WebCore SmartApp changed or have been updated. I know that the integration to is full with the new DH, but I haven’t heard anything about WebCoRE. Some people sad it took some time to be visible there too.

Search for Sonos and you will find some topics about the similar topics. Check the comments there.

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