SONOS Issues?

I would agree. I have reviewed the code as well and from what support has indicated the HUB is pinging the Sonos frequently and that seems to be the problem. Unfortunately it seems we are left to wait for ST to correct the root issue within the hub and not something we can address in the device type or smartapps.

My concern is that they’re not going to fix it until the new Sonos API is available. There’s no need to do that, the current protocol they’re using is completely adequate, it’s a problem with SmartThing’s system that’s causing the issues.

Still hoping we see a fix to this soon, but having a sinking feeling that SmartThings is going to punt on doing anything in the short term.

Is there a timeline on the new Sonos API? If they ware waiting for that to fix the Sonos integration I’m ok as long as there is some kind of hope. I’m kicking myself for dropping a couple grand putting Sonos speakers in my house counting on SmartThings working with it, then to find that they are nearly useless for my intended purpose. I still use them, but just for music.

The worst is that Samsung announced their multiroom speakers shortly after I bought the Sonos system and I’m fairly sure they are going to spend WAY more time making those work.

Well the SONOS stuff is still pretty nice anyway right? :grin:

I bought my equipment during our major first floor renovation - did not want to go the in-ceiling route. Have been very happy with the units and system.

I’ve been wondering if it is possible as a kludgy workaround to have ST control some other device and use that to pipe through the Play:5 or Connect. ST seems to be able to control at least one SONOS device from what I’ve heard. It’s frustrating.

ST seems to have a lot of issues overall right now. This morning my siren went off for no reason (just a device on network not on any apps or routines) and my “morning routine” failed. sigh…


I do like my sonos and I’ve been able to do some minimal automation via my harmony hub in my bedroom, though that has it’s own little issues. I had the same thoughts about doing in-ceiling speakers. Mainly I did all this right after buying a new house and didn’t want to open up all the walls to run wiring given that we were planning stages of remodeling that would eventually re-configure the rooms. The Sonos system is more flexible and I really like the quality, I just wish I had taken the SmartThings/Sonos marketing stuff with a few more grains of salt. It’s disappointing.

To me, it seems like there must be a very high overlap between the people who would be interested in SmartThings and the people who own Sonos, so it would be the most logical thing in the world to make sure those worked. I suspect that there are more basic fires that have to be put out that are delaying fixing Sonos and that might be coupled with some wishful thinking that delaying things for some new API makes it unnecessary to tackle these now.

ive gone and potentially found a solution, and it will allow me to use a british TTS voice from Ivona. I am going to use VoxCommando to do the Sonos integration and then all i need to do is send the commands to voxcommando from ST, and even better voxcommando supports sonos groups. I am working on a smartapp to do this now, doesn’t look too complicated on a limited commandset basis, but me being me, i want to do a big bang approach and get complete integration between the two… just looking on how feasible this is for me.

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Sounds interesting, I’ll look into that too as I was looking for a way to do voice commands in my bedroom without having to add another multi-hundred dollar device (Alexa) that will have its own integration problems.

If you need any help with the SmartApp, let me know.

Hi, ST must to work fine with several speakers, I have 7 DLNA speakers working with 20 devices, and its working fine, no zwave problems, I think the failure its with timers, Sonos and DLNA Speakers (sonos is a DLNA speaker) needs to subscribe to each speaker to get the feedback and this subscription its made every time, If ST timers are not working , the sonos do not update the info and can not work fine, you can use some poll o refresh app to update the subscription, If you do not use groups, I suggest you to try the DLNA device type, you must to unisntall the sonos device and installing the DLNA player, its a generic DLNA speaker device and do not support grouping , but its working very stable. you can use too the app Media Renderer Events, to send your events to the speakers, it support ST, Ivona and Voice RSS TTS engines,

I sincerely suggest nobody follows this little bit of advice…i did that, i used pollster to update frequently the status of my sonos players. this killed my hubs reliability and my hubs on 2 subsequent days… this has made me backtrack away from using Sonos with ST… but one another brighter note i have had success tonight with sending some sample commands to VoxCommando which in turn controls the Sonos… but i have servers running 24/7 so this setup is easy for me.

I dont think it will take much time to get full sonos control…i was going to start working properly on this tomorrow but work have been in touch and told me they actually want me to do some work for my money…the cheek of it…

Hi @Fuzzyligic, Of course you shouldn’t refresh or pool every minute, the device type of sonos do not unsubscribe each request, you must to refresh every 4 hours like the device type do, But if you use media Renderer device type, the poll just refresh the timer not the action, in this way always its active without overload the speaker and hub.

@ule, cheers for the info…I am however decided that i am going down the path of Voxcommando. as i the play resume functionality works sublimely. it even resumes from the point of the song before it played the TTS…

Sorry to raise the dead here, but I’m considering purchasing some Play 3’s and am wondering where the community is at regarding current functionality of Sonos?

I have not connected my sonos speakers in a long time.

I do know that I was having a whole lot of instability when I had a few sonos speakers connected. There were also issues with groups etc. I did not try the above solutions however opting to wait it out but then forgot about it.

I do have an amazon echo (integrated with ST) and I understand sonos integration is coming fairly soon.

Maybe others can chime in as to what is going on.

Was really disappointed about this as it seemed a natural extension of ST.

Sonos work great for me. Make sure you set up mac reservations for them. The only time Sonos hasn’t worked in the last year or so is when ST TTS is down. But that really has nothing to do with the integration.

I’m willing to give it another shot. Interesting idea about reserving the ip addresses - have not tried that.

Do you have the boost? I wonder if that will complicate things. The ip addresses for the devices do show up on my lan tho.

I have the bridge - I had sonos long before I had ST - I know the bridge is not necessary anymore, but I figure why remove it if everything works.

If you don’t set reservations ST won’t find them if the ip changes. You would have to run sonos connect again

I’ll give it a whirl and report back in a week or so if I remember to do so.

Makes sense as to why it would mess things up. I wonder if the devices disconnect from the lan when the playing stops - maybe after a period of time they go to “sleep” or something.

Thanks for the idea!!

@adsavia Please do report back. Obviously, no one wants to drop a bunch of money and time on something that truly doesn’t work.