SONOS Issues?

Earlier last month I had some trouble with SONOS devices in “rooms” causing app crashes every time I tried to call up a room and view the devices therein. Support said this was a known issue and they would need to remove all my rooms (I could not due to crashing). They did and the problem seemed resolved - I kept the SONOS devices out of the rooms just in case.

Lately I’ve been having some weird issues with various devices (zigbee, zWave & Wifi) not responding for a certain room - their status shows up, just can’t trigger them - I have to reboot my V2 router and then things seem to work. Tried all the usual things - re-adding , zwave repair, remote reboot from api (which did not work at all) etc etc but only physically rebooting seems to do the trick. Devices in other rooms still appear to work. Again the ones that do not are all in a room that has a related SONOS smartapp - ie. door opens and dogs bark. After that those devices seem to go wonky / stop responding until I reboot the router. Of course the issue is sporadic enough so it is hard to tell if that is really the problem or not.

I’ve now removed all SONOS devices/smartapps from ST and rebooted. Am waiting to see what happens…

Decided to post here to see if anyone else is having these issues…

Still am happy with ST even after manually “migrating” to V2- all things considered it has been fairly reliable and fun to work with.



Yes, it is Sonos integration with SmartThings is very undependable is all instances I tested. I reported these issues to ST Support months ago only to have a short response that they are aware of problematic issues integrating SmartThings with Sonos, but ST stated no promise to investigate… :rage:

I removed all SmartThings connections to my Sonos system… Very sad, as I wanted this integration as advertised on ST website and FB page. The sad aspect of this is situation is that I have a 3rd party iOS app that works perfectly to control the Sonos, so I know that the Sonos API’s work, but apparently not the way that ST is invoking them.


Yeah I am disappointed about that too - SONOS integration seems like it would be an important part of the ST system - especially given the high end nature of the products.

Really liked the idea of triggering custom or fixed messages via SONOS. As an aside SONOS groupings seem to mess things up as well.

Wonder if the mandate has changed to focus more on Samsung’s product line first…

If you don´t need the sonos group feature, you could use the Generic media Renderer, this is a device for any dlna Mediarenderer like sonos, but is generic and does not have grouping. rigth now sonos is locked, but if you want to try I can make a version who includes sonos devices, its only a few changes.

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That sounds like a cool idea - I might take a look as well! Don’t really need the grouping feature for ST I think. Thanks for the heads up… Still would like their existing smartapps to work properly though - it has been a while since they came out.


All the smartapp who use the text to speech have a failure because the SmartTing platform have problems, but I have some versions of smartapp with a fix for Text to speach, you could try to use those smartapps, for me works very fine, when smartthings fix the platform you can get back to the original smartapps, I´m mod the generic mediarenderer, like I have not sonos I need your help to test it

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I’d be happy to test! Not sure how much time I have over the next few days though. Let me know anyway and I’ll give it a shot.



I also want to mention that after reading through some of these forums I think ST is going through some serious growing pains. There appear to be a lot of critical issues that need fixing first and I’m totally okay with that.

hi @adsavia, Its ready, you must install the the smartapp connect and the device type, i hope you known how to install them from the IDE.

and you can try to install the Mediarenderer events smartapp who has some fix with text to speech and Radiotunes stations

I will take a look… It may be a little while before I respond back but thank you in advance!

Yes, it would be GREAT if ST engineers fixed all the things that are basic in their backend cloud, like the erratic scheduler, mobile client crashes, robust local processing on V2 hub, faster event processing,… but then again, I thought these fundamental items were already working when I invested in SmartThings…

The Sonos integration was supposed to be a “totally working” feature when I read about the reasons to purchase SmartThings on Facebook… my bad for believing marketing…

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From what I’ve heard Sonos has undergone some changes on their back end, they’ve migrated to a more cloud-based back end just like Harmony has (what broke harmony integration).

No activity on this in over a year and a half:

That may be true but it seems to be how ST handles these failures that is the problem - I had to have support remove all my rooms just to stop the app crashes when I tried to go into them. Also now I was getting weird device lockups after SONOS smartapps triggered. This was not just SONOS not working rather some sort of instability in the ST system itself which could only be resolved by power-cycling the ST V2 hub. An errant device should not be able to due this I would think.

I am assuming (and hoping!!!) that this will be resolved over time… For the most part my stuff is still working (minus SONOS integration) but I’ve kept thing purposefully simple and am not running anything critical like door locks etc.

I have been having an issue with my V2 hub locking up and being told it is because I have more than 4 sonos devices in my hub. So I removed all but 4 and then it happened again and support tells me it really is non-stable if I use more than 2 sonos devices with my hub. They say there is a ping issue that the hub will end up locking up due to pinging the sonos devices every hour. So now I am down to 2 sonos devices and waiting to see what happens. This means I will have to remove all the apps and features I setup to work with the speakers in the meantime to test this out. JOY!

I hope Samsung understands that they need to dedicate more engineers to fixing these basic problems in the software as I am drawing near the end. Since investing a lot of money in smartthings hub and modules only to be seeming like I started a second job rebooting or fiddling with the things/smartapps to get them to function. Sonos was a primary reason for me to select SmartThings and I do fear they are not building this out anymore and going to focus on their speakers which would be very dissapointing. Anyone have 4 or more SONOS speakers?

@drahn I can confirm that SmartThings is having actual issues with the Sonos integrations, what they told you is true. I had to cut back from 4 to 2 Sonos devices, and things have been way better for me.

I’ve also asked them not to close my support ticket till its resolved or there’s an update. Believe me, you’re not alone, and you’re among friends here.

I do - including paired speakers & the surround sound setup. Have not tried putting SONOS back into the mix since my last post. I did add the doorbell by aeotec and that seems to work - not using for an actual doorbell yet - just a door alert sensor.

I too am really disappointed that this is not being addressed in a timely matter. I realize that there are probably a ton of other more critical things that have to be fixed first - which also makes me nervous about the fragility of this whole system.

I am always on the lookout for alternative HA hubs and would consider jumping ship if the right device came along - the good news for Samsung though is so far this still seems like the most flexible/configurable system out right now.

I have 7 Sonos speakers (home theater with playbar, subwoofer, and rear speakers, pair of speakers in bedroom, ceiling speaker connected to Sonos Amp in bathroom). I initially didn’t have them connected to SmartThings since I’ve just recently put in SmartThings and I’m still finding my way around it. I’d added the Sonos devices to SmartThings in the morning and the problems started in the afternoon, so I didn’t immediately make the connection. It was only after seeing a few posts from others having problems who were all mentioning they had Sonos on their network. After I uninstalled all the devices and the Sonos SmartApp, my hub went back to working reliably. I’ve looked at the code for the Sonos SmartApp and Sonos device driver and my guess would be there’s some sort of memory leak in SmartThings itself rather than the device driver, which would lead me to believe that Sonos isn’t going to be the only device type that could cause these issues, just the one that’s in the most widespread use. I’m hoping that this is just unfixed because of the holidays and that they’ll fix this soon. The wrong answer would be to punt on it in favor of waiting for the new Sonos API.

I have a very similar setup! Really like the simplicity + sound of the Sonos speakers - pricey but really decent quality. Samsung was a little too late for me to consider their new stuff which also looks good.

I’m currently considering a system using openhab + raspberry pi2 + z-wave usb + zigbee module. A lot lower level but local and once setup very reliable. They have Sonos integration as well. I may try and do a simple install with my Sonos equipment + a door sensor or two + my nest stuff leaving the bulk of my HA devices to ST for the time being. If things work out I may then slowly switch over. If not then there is always hope that ST will fix their issues OR another device appears like the one upcoming from LG.

Lots of options for those of us who like to tinker (and then set and forget!).

If ST would just let us know what is going on with the Sonos stuff it might help alleviate some of the angst.

I have 6 Sonos speakers + ST + Echo (Alexa). When I was being shut down by ST daily it was that I had multiple smartApps configured based on time and events. Now I am down to 2 Sonos speakers and no smartApps for notification except smoke. For a day I was thrilled that I was able to turn on and off a Sonos speaker in my livingroom with Echo(Alexa) unfortunately by removing all the speakers from ST in order to avoid it constantly locking up this is lost as well as the basic audible notifications which I was really seeing many uses for. What is a shame regarding ST is that they still have not updated the documentation/marketing page where they hype the Sonos integration with any sort of caveat that you should only add a maximum of 2 Sonos speakers due to the ST bug.

Support likes to at first point toward Sonos as the issue regarding this bug but it is clearly a SmartThings issue.