Sonos in Classic App Hosed

Anyone else seeing the below when accessing a Sonos speaker in the Classic app? Looks fine in the New app, and still responds to webcore commands fine. My DTH is LAN Sonos Player Websocket.

Interesting you say that. LAN Sonos Player is an official DTH. I’ve seen similar degradation with other previously fully working official DTH’s for example LAN Samsungaudio, I hope it’s not connected, I wrote to support.

@swamplynx do you have multiple of this DTH in the IDE? Have you made any changes to DTHs recently?

If not send a note to if you haven’t already.

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Looks like it isn’t just me.

Same here. DTH looks like a tstat. Attributes still look like LAN player in IDE tho

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Mine looks like this as well!

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We are investigating this as an issue. Please do send a note to support so we can track the impact.

Engineering was able to find root cause on this issue. Your Sonos players should no longer display as thermostat devices


I can confirm it’s fixed. Thanks @jody.albritton for the quick turnaround!