Sonos Extras

Does this still work? I have a beam 2 and the Sonos install is not showing - both the SmartThings device and Sonos beam 2 are Ethernet connected to router

It should discover the Sonos devices if they support the UPnP discovery. I believe the beam model number is S14 which is included in my code.

I couldnt get this to work either even after rymm002 added my sonos arc even though its on the same network. I think it is maybe because I am using smartthings wifi, perhaps this only works with the hub

Yes this runs on the hub and uses the local UPnP from the speaker

Hmmm, my Play:1 is not getting added. It did when I tried to use the other edge sonos driver on this community, and the deleted it to try this one. Also, does this driver allow TTS and favorites selection?

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