Sonos Devices Keep Renaming Themselves


I have 3 Sonos speakers that are connected to Smartthings for the past almost 2 years and I haven’t had any issues up until about 1-2 months ago.

Basically what’s happening is that the Sonos speakers in Smartthings are renaming themselves to the name that I have the Speakers in the Sonos app. I have them named slightly differently in Smartthings so that all the speakers would be grouped together near each other in the list instead of spread out, but for the past 2 months they keep renaming themselves. I’ll change the name back to what I want, but 2 or 3 weeks later it’ll rename on it’s own again.

I’m assuming something has changed somewhere in the background, but it’s a rather annoying problem. I should be able to name my devices on Smartthings independent of what I have them named in the Sonos app, otherwise don’t give me the option to rename.

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Going to bump this up…does anyone else not have this issue?

Mine just renamed themselves again today.

These devices are now automatically discovered. Because of that, yes, they will keep re-naming themselves to whatever their name is in the Sonos app. So you have to change the name in the Sonos app in order to maintain it.

Thanks for the reply. I thought Sonos devices were always automatically discovered? At least that was the case when I added them to the app 2 years ago - and they’ve been in Labs the whole time too.

It seems something changed somewhere within the past 2 months or so where it now keeps calling back and renaming. Again, no renaming issues for 1.5 years and now all of a sudden doing it all the time doesn’t make much sense.

I know it’s part of Labs so I can’t really complain much…not that I really am. I was just curious as to why it started suddenly happening.

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They are making a lot of changes right now. New cloud platform, new app, new hubs. Could be anything. You can report it to support and see what they say.

Yes it is new behavior and a pain. The Sonos system has a limited number of characters for player names so it was useful when you could rename them in SmartThings. Now we are locked in to the somewhat short names allowed by Sonos itself.

It’s a step backwards.