Sonos Devices Appearing as Garage Door in Classic App (iOS) - May 31 2020

As of today every one of my Sonos devices shows as a garage door opener in the Classic app (iOS). The DTH has not changed and is correct.

There appear to be some issues with the ST cloud this weekend. Some of My locks are showing as open/closed when they should show as locked/unlocked in the Classic but they do show as locked/unlocked in the new app.

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Let’s tag @Brad_ST and @jody.albritton. They might know something what is going on. I believe this has happened before.

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Here it goes, that was it…

Same here. I opened a ticket, let’s wait an see.

I opened a support ticket: #967946.


Sigh …

Thank you for Contacting Samsung SmartThings Support!

We request you to please uninstall and reinstall the app once and check whether the Sonos devices are showing as a garage door opener or not.

If the issue still persists even after trying the above suggestion then please help us with the error message screenshots from the app where the Sonos devices are showing as a garage door opener.

So that it might help us to analyze the issue and we can assist you appropriately.

If you have any other questions, feel free to write back to us.

We will be here to help you.

Needless to say I am not reinstalling the app (Support’s suggestion for every issue I report now).

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Indeed you can post here a screenshot as well, just as an example.

By the way my Sonos shows up as normally, but I am in the UK/EU sector.

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Hmm, when you tap on Open, does it play Pete Townshend’s - Let My Love Open The Door?



Cute :rofl:.

Actually, Drive My Car by The Beatles.

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Thank you @GSzabados for linking the previous instance. This does look similar. We’re investigating and I’ll report back once it’s resolved.


Thanks Brad.

Just checked again and it looks like the problem is resolved.

Also my August locks stopped showing as locked/unlocked this weekend in the Classic app.

All without “uninstall and reinstall the app”? :wink: Sorry, couldn’t resist…

Right! I swear.

I do appreciate Brad stepping in.

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Great to hear! That’s what we would expect.

@jkp - Still looking into this. There’s an added wrinkle as this isn’t the hub-connected August lock integration but rather the cloud-to-cloud version.


Back to normal here !

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I submitted a bug report for this issue. I’ll keep you posted.