Sonos - Custom Message Failed to Save

I’ve had several Sonos custom messages setup to respond at different times, and I can’t seem to edit any of them, i’m getting a failed to save mainPage on all of the Sonos?

Anyone else having this?


Yes, this is happening to me as well. It seems to occur when the message is too long, like longer than a short sentence. I also wish you could have the message play on more than one Sonos speaker at a time.

In the smartApp you can change the multiple field to true to add more than one Sonos.

I have a device handler the groups them before playing. The delay and inconsistency when having more than is rather annoying (cloud/processing delay).

How do you do that? I don’t see anything in the settings for that smartapp

Yes, my app crashes each time I tried to input a custom message - defaults to a ding noise in the short term.

Yeah, i haven’t been able to put in any custom message, short or long.

The old alerts are working fine, but i can’t change anything.

Is anyone else seeing this?

The text to speech function is not working, Smartthings team has been alerted, and they are working on it, but already have a lot of time working on it, We just need to wait they fix it.

I t hasn’t been working the last month now… ST is aware of it but they focusing on the V2 box instead of working on the sonos app…


Hi @nycnickk I suggest every interested user send a mail or message to smartthings, in this way they can know how important is for us to fix the tts function

I have email them 6 times …
they are aware of the issue BUT still they are working on it …

I have sent a note to support as well. Waiting for a fix :frowning: This app is why I spent so much money switching to Sonos. Does anyone know details of the bug? What sequence of characters or lengths triggers it? I’m trying different combinations to get something to work, but I’m having zero luck.

Hi tihis is a works around

you must to update yours smartapps