Sonos Control Smartapp and "Only Once Per Day"

What does the “Once Per Day” checkbox actually do?

The way I understood it was that, the action could only be triggered once per 24 hours, so the following setup should work:

“When I enter my kitchen in the morning, the Sonos should turn on (motion deteced) and start playing at x volume. And if I manually turn off my Sonos, it should not turn on again when the motion detector sees motion.”

But the above does not work and it is driving me nuts. Shouldn’t “Once Per Day” force the Sonos to not turn on again and again after I turn it off?

I can’t comment on how it works for playing music, but I did have it for a voice command when it saw motion (as a test).

If it saw motion inside my front door, it would play a sound over the Sonos speaker. I would clear out the motion by waiting and walk in front of it again and it did not repeat the command.

For music, I would think turning it off manually would stop it from firing again for the rest of that day (it’s not based on once per 24 hours, but once per calendar day since it recognizes time)

So does that mean that if I had my goodnight routine (which sets the mode to night among other things) set to run when “things quiet down” from 10pm-2am it could potentially run twice during that timeframe with the once per day setting turned on? Would I have to make two versions; one before midnight and one after and have the later one say don’t run if it’s already in night mode?