Sonos Control...Flick, Logitech Pop or....?

Ok this might be slightly off-topic since i don’t need my Smartthings hub, but because this community rocks I am sure you guys can help me out to decide.

I have a Play1 installed in my bathroom ceiling, i want to control volume, next track and play/pause with some simple button(s) and I am not sure which one to pick.

pros: looks slick, comes in a 4 pack so i can have 3 outside shower cabin and one inside for skip track/volume, waterproof
cons: only works with extra bluetooth device so i need to put a ios/android device on the ceiling

Pros: Wifi
cons: Price, not waterproof

Do you guys have other (better) suggestions? Thanks in advance! I have the echo and a harmony and smartthings hub aswell. Echo is not an option because of the music playing.

I don’t understand why Echo isn’t an option? I was going to suggest the Dot.

Because of the noise, music playing loud, kids taking a bath etc.

Gotcha, the Echo works amazingly well though in the noise. For the price compared to your other solutions you might consider giving it a trial run and if doesn’t work satisfactorily you could use it in another part of the house or send it back.