Sonos Connect failing to save or function

Anyone else having a problem with Sonos Connect? Sonos updated their app a few days ago (now version 5.3) and my Sonos ST “Things” don’t control the system any more. No response to control buttons, and the current song is not accurate. When I go to Sonos Connect, the players are there, but trying to save the page results in errors: “Failed to save page: sonosDiscovery”, followed by “Error: an unexpected error occurred.”

I haven’t seen this in the forums elsewhere.

I noticed this yesterday as well, though I thought it was most likely related to network changes on my end.

Uninstalling Sonos speakers and reinstalling (which reinstalls Sonos Connect) took care of the problem but this is the second time I’ve had to do this for the same issue in a week. Hope it is more stable now.

Have you set MAC address reservations on your network for the sonos?

No, I haven’t done this. Sonos seems to work fine without them. In fact, I went the route of Sonos making and using its own network.

Yes Sonos does. But I found that after I set MAC reservations I never had to uninstall/reinstall devices or sonos connect with ST. Sonos with ST has been very reliable for me since doing that.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve done that now for Sonos, and for my Hue Bridge for good measure.

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My sonos weather report doesn’t seem to be working for a few weeks now. I tried to uninstall and rediscover the speakers. ST does find the speakers but my weather report function doesn’t run. Instead I get a “you selected a custom message app but didn’t enter a custom message…” Other sonos smartapps seem to be running. Any thoughts?
Can anyone give more details for MAC reservations for Sonos? I would like higher reliability. Thanks.

I went ahead and reserved IP addresses on my router. However, to delete the Sonos speakers I will have to remove them from any/all smart apps that use them. Sonos via ST is one of my primary use cases, so that is a lot of work for a “maybe” workaround.

If they changed IP before you made your reservations, just run a second instance of Sonos Connect. Name the newly found duplicate sonos something clever, move all your smart apps to the new ones, uninstall the old un usable sonos in the old connect app. then delete the old connect app. Last step is rename your sonos to their original names and you are good to go.

Thanks @greg for the detailed explanation. However, I’m not sure I understand how to add another instance of Sonos Connect. It seems to launch the existing discovery and speakers.

Marketplace >Things>Entertainment>Speakers>Sonos>Sonos(Labs)>Connect Now

When I do that it simply shows my existing Sonos speakers. I don’t know how to add a second instance.

Sorry you are right. Looks like they won’t allow a second instance anymore. I have definitely done it before.

Ironically, I think I did it inadvertently in the past as well. Thanks for trying!