Sonoff Zigbee

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Now, kirovilya has chosen the complicated way of doing it but also proof-of-concept that alternative firmware with sensor support can be made to work on Sonoff BASICZBR3, see:

Above is Google Translate link since the blog post by kirovilya is in Russian:

FYI, apparently kirovilya (ioBroker developer) has ported Z-Stack 3.0 firmware to CC2530 and as proof-of-concept he tested it as an alternative firmware for Sonoff BASICZBR3 (with ds18b20 sensor). That is not only complexed but also next-next level because Texas Intruments has not official released Z-Stack 3.0 for CC2530 , and C2530 devices normally have the older Z-Stack Home 1.2 Zigbee stack from Texas Intruments. Difference is that Z-Stack 3.0 firmware feature a Zigbee 3.0 stack, while Z-Stack Home 1.2 only feature ZHA 1.2 (Zigbee Home Automomation 1.2) Zigbee stack.

kirovilya posted source code here if any advanced C developers are interested:

Yes it should, ptvo is still relying on the official Texas Instruments Z-Stack Home 1.2 Zigbee stack which follows the ZHA 1.2 (Zigbee Home Automomation 1.2) specification standard that the SmartThings Hub v3 support. My guess is however that if you add sensors then you might have to make Device Handlers for SmartThings ->

I have just read one of the articles from a different source, what you listed here. It is nice to see that firmwares can be changed on these Zigbee devices.

I would be interested what other manufacturers like Zemismart uses for their in wall switches and when will someone change the firmware on those to custom ones.

It opens up a lot of possibilities what the wifi devices had already exploited.

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FYI, ptvo now posted a blog on how to use his configurable firmware with Sonoff BasicZBR3 with an external sensor

He only tested it with Sonoff Si7021 Temperature and Humidity Sensor as a proof-of-concept

ptvo configurable firmware also supports DS18B20, BMP280, BME280, DHT11, DHT22, DHT12, AM2301, MHZ19, and SenseAir S8

Sonoff BasicZBR3 will continue work as a ZHA 1.2 router with ptvo configurable firmware as well.

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