Sonoff zigbee coffee machine mod

I’ve just modified my tassimo coffee machine with a sonoff zigbee… First job was adding another relay to the sonoff. I did that by soldering a trailing lead to the contacts on the back of the sonoff board for the existing relay.

The circled contacts are the ones you want. Then I connected the normally off contacts to the back of the push button in the tassimo screen. I connected the power to the sonoff to the power (after the switch) inside my coffee machine.

Next created a lighting automation that switches the sonoff off when it is switched on - this has the effect of mimicking a button rather than a switch. So now turning on the sonoff in smartthings effectively pushes the start button on the machine. Tucked everything back into the machine. So now I can make a coffee before I get out of bed in the morning.

The sonoff (and additional relay, the little blue thing) sit in the bottom of the coffee machine)

A bit of a fiddly job and requires some electronic and electrical knowledge. The machine still works manually too.


Wouldn’t be easier to use a 5V/12V Sonoff Itching/Self-locking relay? It has a relay what can be controlled the same way as you imitate the button push.


Almost certainly. I was working with what I had lying around. It also occurred to me that it would be neater to run the zigbee board off the sonoff directly with the low voltage circuitry in the coffee machine, but this was a 10 minute mod with things I already had.