Sonoff temp reporting frequency

Hi all, new to this so not sure where to adjust.

If I look at my humidity/temp sonoff devices I can view the history but it only seems to log a few times through the day.

How do I increase/set the logging parameters please?

Temperature and humidity reports are only sent when these conditions are met independently for temperature and humidity:
1 ° must be a change of temperature or humidity.
2 ° A time interval has to pass from the previous report.

These 2 parameters, temperature increase and minimum & maximum interval between reports, are adjusted in the configuration of the device during installation and according to the DTH you are using and your device model.

You have to keep the following in mind before changing these parameters:

  • The more frequent and accurate the reports of temperature and humidity, you will have a higher battery consumption of the device.
  • Depending on the type and capacity of the device’s battery:
    • CR2032 or CR2450 may be critical.
    • CR123A, 2 x AAA or 2 x AA may not be critical.
  • The use that you want to give to sensor, only informative or to control heating/air conditioning.

If you want, you can put a snapshot of the history of temperature and humidity events.
Also need to know the sensor model and DTH type you are using, to see if reports are within DTH configured.

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