Sonoff SV device handler?

Hello All;
I’m looking to integrate the newer Sonoff SV into smartthgings system.
The particular project I’m working on uses the Sonoff SV. The project adapts DrZzs Garage door opener. I’ve seen a couple other device handlers for other Sonoff devices but the the Sonoff SV specifically.
Is there an existing Sonoff Device Handler I can adapt to the Sonoff SV? or How hard would it be to adapt an existing device handler into a Sonoff SV device handler?

You don’t just need a DTH, you also have to flash custom firmware to the device. I believe the firmware for the sonoff basic should work but I it won’t allow you to use the reed switch also.

For that you’d have to use the Tasmota firmware and I’ve never had much luck with that. But it does look like there’s a new DTH for Tasmota.

great thanks for the info! I will give it a shot

Did flashing the SonOff basic firmware work for the SV?

Were you able to successfully flash the Sonoff SV?

I tried flashing Sonoff Basic firmware on Sonoff SV, but it didn’t work :frowning_face:
After flashing firmware, Sonoff Basic creates its own wifi for configuration but SV didn’t create that.

I finally made Sonoff SV work with the firmware for Sonoff Basic (Sonoff.ino.generic.bin).

First I tried directly uploading the firmware like I did on my Sonoff Basic but the initial AP didn’t show up.

I uploaded ESPEasy firmware (that is in the same directory with Sonoff.ino.generic.bin) to check if anything wrong with the board but it worked perfectly. Afterwards, inside the ESPEasy web interface running on my Sonoff SV, I clicked on Firmware update and chosen first firmware file (Sonoff.ino.generic.bin), and it worked.

I was able to connect it to my ST as well.