Sonoff pow r2 tasmota integrations smartthings

hello guys,

I have an issue with sonoff pow r2 flashed with tasmota working with smartthings

I added the relay to smarthings but:

  1. the toogle is olways on in smartthings but it works for switch on and of
  2. I’m unable to see the energy consumption in smartthings app. I can view it on the web of the relay so its working but has a problem with smartthings.

Sonoff Pow R2 Module


Voltage 228 V
Current 11.720 A
Power 2660 W
Power Factor 1.00
Energy Today 1.028 kWh
Energy Yesterday 0.000 kWh
Energy Total 1.028 kWh

some information about the relay

Sonoff Pow R2 Module


Program Version 6.2.1
Build Date & Time 2018-09-09T16:50:26
Core/SDK Version 2_3_0/1.5.3(aec24ac9)
Uptime 0T00:45:28
Flash write Count 21 at F7000
Boot Count 5
Restart Reason Software/System restart
Friendly Name 1 Sonoff
AP1 SSId (RSSI) Andrey’s home (82%)
Hostname sonoff-8011
IP Address
Subnet Mask
DNS Server
MAC Address CC:50:E3:54:1F:4B
MQTT Port 1883
MQTT Client &
Fallback Topic DVES_541F4B
MQTT Topic sonoff
MQTT Group Topic sonoffs
MQTT Full Topic cmnd/sonoff/
Emulation None
mDNS Discovery Enabled
mDNS Advertise Web Server
ESP Chip Id 5513035
Flash Chip Id 1458415
Flash Size 4096kB
Program Flash Size 1024kB
Program Size 471kB
Free Program Space 532kB
Free Memory 15kB

Sonoff-Tasmota 6.2.1 by Theo Arends

sorry about the stupid question but im new with tasmota, after a lot of reading i cant find a solution by myself.

I dont have mqtt server is it a must?

What device handler are you using? Smartthings doesn’t use MQTT so that shouldn’t matter.


i tried with this:

  1. BrettSheleski : Sonoff-Tasmota
  2. bdjohnson79 : Sonoff-Tasmota
  3. BrettSheleski : Tasmota-Power

I suppose there should be a specific device handler for pow r2 but I cant find it.

Sorry for the delay. Looks like someone just wrote a device handler the other day. Give it a try.

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Don’t know if you ever found a solution for Tasmota Plugs that support Power Monitoring but you may be interested in my new DH (Late BETA).

More info here: BETA Release: Tasmota Device Handler for Plugs with Power Monitoring