Sonoff Devices Custom Firmware Security Questions

Hey all,

New to this and have a few Sonoff devices that I was thinking about flashing to work with Smartthings.

I know there is plenty of how too’s, but was more interested in how its benefited people over the standard ewelink app and also what are the security implications of using this custom firmware?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The device is 100% isolated to local control only. The switch doesn’t report back to any cloud servers…it runs it’s own web page for back-up control if you really need it. But most folks automate through some HA platform like SmartThings or Home Assistant.

I think the better question is, what are the security implications of using the eWelink app.

Good point about ewelink… But i’m more worried about that in the context of China in general.

Not to make this a thing about politics though.

So basically it will be quicker with local control from Alexa to the smart things hub?

I don’t understand the question…Alexa and ST are both cloud dependent. So, your question doesn’t really make sense.

Fair enough. Maybe I should have said less clouds to go though?

I’ve tried a virtual switch though ST and ifttt and it’s woeful.