Sono speakers vs other brands

Other than the Sono brand speakers are there any other brands that do the same stuff?

What are your thoughts on Sonos? Does the sound sound good when playing movies, games and music?

It depends in part on what you want the device for.

Sonos has many features beyond just streaming audio. For example, if you are interested in its text to speech capabilities (or a barking dog alert), popular in a home automation system for announcements, @geko has alternative software that runs on a raspberry Pi or old laptop.

If you are interested in the player quality, @ule keeps a list of speaker models confirmed to work with SmartThings you can consider:

And if you want the least expensive player option with very good sound you can get a used 30 pin dock speaker (many of these at garage sales these days) and then buy a connector dongle for under $20.

Anyway, those topics might give you some ideas.

Meanwhile, I’m sure many community members will be able to give you reviews on specific models here, the other links are just to give you some possibilities. :blush: :radio: :satellite: :notes:

Its interesting. I have been looking at Sonos-like options. The Qualcomm AllPlay system has my attention currently…

Just don’t feel Sonos has innovated in a while. Though I recognize them as the industry leader, industry standard, and at one point was quite the innovative product… Just cant choke the price, when better products are now rolling out.

From a non ST perspective, Sonos 1’s beats any other in sound quality (Do not compare to Bose or other high ends). If you just want notifications and dogs barking, well I wouldn’t probably buy it but if you want these additional capability on top of being a music lover… Go for it. Please note I mention 1’s and not 3’s and 5’s as they do not compare to 1’s as far as sound quality is concerned.

We should probably mention that the big Sonos innovation when they first came out was their ability to synchronize multiple speakers throughout the house. This is one of those things where you can really notice the issue in an automated home. But if you’re only using 1 speaker in 1 room, it’s a meaningless advantage.


I have two paired together in my family room in a 70’s style wood paneled room and well the sound is awesome as it vibrates thru that panel and another one in my master bedroom for music as well as notifications in night mode and it works perfectly well using my own custom app.

Thanks for the info! Im looking for something that I can play music from my Iphone, use for my TV to amplify the sound. I also want to be able to have them play music or a sound when someone comes home,open/closes a door.

@JDRoberts Thanks for the great info!
@smart what do you think of the sonos sound bar?

Sorry couldn’t reply earlier. If it was “me” for the price of 4 Play 1 surrounds, 1 sound bar and 1 woofer, I would really buy a full fledged mid priced receiver and speakers 'coz you will have 2000$ at least to play with. But then it’s just me. A big music and movie fan. More than a HA fan.and honestly I haven’t tried or heard the sound bar and woofer quality. :slight_smile: but don’t let me dishearten you. For 2000.00$ you can really shake if off your ceilings and wall… Now you guys play a sadistic joke on me. Once again it’s Taylor Swift on my mind. Aah… Can’t shake that off my mind!

Consumer Reports recommended the Sonos Playbar which influenced my purchase. It is the only sound bar system I know that will wirelessly play your TV sound throughout the house without delay. For me a home automation sound system has to be for the whole house which Sonos is the leader at providing. The price is hard to swallow, however.

Having an Amazon Echo, makes me wonder how the ultimate home automation “ears” fit in. When you speak to your HA sound system it needs to mute like Echo. This is where I would like to see Sonos develop; either add listening to existing speakers or Echo style tight integration.

So to your original question, the Playbar gives you no delay whole house wireless capability unique to Sonos. I would recommend it if you can swallow the price.

Just to mention it, there’s a list of other speakers that works with St here:

And also on this post I “explain” my reasons for going for another system than sonos:

Wow, realized just I answered a year old thread,
And linked to same thread as @JDRoberts haha😅

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Just curious about your comment, are you saying that you prefer the 1’s over the 3’s and 5’s? Or do you mean that the 3 and 5 versions are much much better than the 1’s in your opinion?

Not sure what has changed in the past one year but early on Play 1’s had a much better sound quality. Things may have changed between my post and now.

Thanks for the reply Ron. I am looking at some Play 1’s