Somfy Motorized Shades Install Success Stories?

I am planning to get shades from the Shade Store:

They offer motorization with the Somfy System, but before doing this, I would like to ensure that people have been able to integrate them with Smart Things and ensure that I know exactly what need to be purchased in order to complete the install.

From what I’ve read on the forums, this will work.

It seems that I need to have the Shade Store guys install the blinds and configure them with a regular Somfy Telis 4 RTS remote.

Then, it looks like I need to get a somfy Z-wave to RTS interface: Somfy Z-Wave to RTS Interface #1811265 (NEW) ZRTSI - Automated Shade Online Store

and follow instructions posted by Tyler Lange in this thread:

Basically, my questions are:
-Any other parts needed, or is this it?
-Have people been happy with this setup? Motorized blinds are expensive, so before I spend all this money, I want to make sure I don’t end up disappointed

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Just a bit of good news here. Received my Somfy cell shades last night. Opened the box at 5:00 pm. By 8:30 pm I had them hung and I was using my ST to control them. :heart: :+1: … Now how to get Alexa involved ??? :confused:

Did you ever get this to work. Very interested as I am looking to do this in my new condo.

Yes I did… with lots of help from the developer. Now I even have it working with Alexa :slight_smile:

… and I love it

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“Alexa Open Blinds”, “Alexa Close Blinds”, “Alexa, Turn on Tilt Blinds” all works. The integration is by far my favorite. I wrote a Blinds Sync app too which helps sync status of blinds.

Blinds Sync


@Mbhforum I saw your new app. However you did such a wonderful job (and spent a tremendous amount of time) helping to set me up the first time that I am intimidated to make any changes… the old saying… if it works, don’t fix it defiantly applies LOL :blush:

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This is a simple and cheap way to integrate Somfy RTS and SmartThings, is ready to run and very reliable.
The kit includes: - One channel Dry contact Interface – Somfy RTS compatible. - 5volt adapter - Wire connector - Contact closure relay
if someone needs help or have any question please email me to: or reply this post.

Look at this video: