Somfy Motorized Blinds (Z-Wave)

Thx Chris. I sent you a PM.

This might be a little late but you can go to and select “order tracking” link near top search bar. Then select “Lowes store order”, I believe. Enter your order number and store number (1883) and the info will be there as well as shipping/tracking link once available.

Guess I should have read the entire thread first.

Ashwin - this looks great! How is the functionality other than the ‘known issues’ you noted? I have 7 somfy motorized blinds integrated via the ZRTS which all worked great and function perfectly via the somfy remotes with ‘my’ settings, etc. But as you know, the standard ST device type (with the sliding dimmer) and UI are very limited - shades are either fully up or down and the status is often out of sync. I’m not a programmer but would love to try something that provides more control, at least the ability to use the ‘my’ position, so to speak. Again, great contribution! Jeff

Thank you for your kind words Jeff!

I haven’t found any issues other than the ones I’ve mentioned — but let me know if you encounter any problems. Just like the Somfy remote, the STOP button and the MY button are one and the same. Pressing STOP when your blinds aren’t moving should bring them to the MY position. The ZRTSI can’t receive or report other specific positions, so we will never be able to use a sliding dimmer.

The standard ST device type displays the wrong status because the ZRTSI gives it the wrong status. My device type doesn’t ask the ZRTSI, it just shows the last button you pressed. So if you manage to avoid issues 1, 2, and 3 (don’t press the buttons too quickly, don’t press refresh, and don’t use your Somfy remote), the status of your blinds should stay in sync.

I am a little confused with these instructions. I am going to have 5 blinds and the telis 4 remote. One of those channels will control, 3 of the channels will control individual blinds and the last channel will control a pair of the other blinds. With the 16 channel zwave bridge, can I now control each blind separately and all of them which means 6 channels?

Hi Mathew, can you help me with a ZRTSI II? thanks in advance

Ashwin - I look forward to trying it. I’m not at that vaca house right now, maybe can do it all remotely but I can’t see most of the shades right now. One key thing tho, is that I don’t know the process for installing a non-ST app into my hub. That is, how do I get your smart app (or whatever the appropriate name and app location) accessible so I can include in my dashboard and use it? Is there a documented process somewhere (for non developers!)? Thanks for any input and I look forward to trying it out. Jeff

Hi Jill - did you figure this out? Are you able to get consistent open/close based on a schedule or event? Also did you try any other apps (community) that provide some access to the intermediate position (the ‘my’ setting)? Jeff

I am looking to take the plunge into home automation with the ST Hub 2 when it comes out next month. Prior to that, I need to get motorized honeycomb shades for my second story windows. Has anyone managed to find a motorized solution that will allow for a dimmer slider to control the position and get reliable feedback to the hub? Preferably one that I can connect to a solar-charging battery pack like Somfy offers? This ZRTSI interface is sounding like a real hacked together non-solution to me so I am hoping I can find something better. With this new Somfy partnership and the MyLink device, will these limitations be resolved? Will the new hub come with direct Somfy RTS support?


I can’t seem to PM you. I’m interested in the ZRTSI II controller.

Guys, ZRTSI 2 is still available for $95 at Lowe’s. Don’t pay hundreds when you can just get it there. I noticed no one had posted the images below, so I thought I would. If your local Lowes can’t locate it, it is under Bali accessories, called 16 channel controller in their system.

Lowe’s order sheet 1

Lowe’s order sheet 2

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Hi Guys, I got my Somfy motors finally installed after 6 months of research and locating a local installer! I also have the zWave RTS Interface and a Somfy MyLink hub and am playing around with both. The MyLink hub seems very basic now, doesn’t report status and is limited to 5 channels. I am hopeful they can fix this with a software update (the status reporting at least). I might return it.

I got it integrated it with SmartThings, but I am trying to schedule automated actions. The issue is there is 3 states with my sheer horizontal slats: Up(Blinds Up), Open(Blinds Down, Slats Open), Closed (Blinds Down, Slats Closed). The Device Type Code from @Ashwin and @chriswood1001 both utilize a Switch with On and Off and no other states. Is there a way to utilize 3 different states in a device type for all 3 of my possible possibilities?

I don’t know which z-wave commands to use for slats. If someone chimes in I would be happy to update my device type with slat controls. (I have rolling shades without slats, so I would need someone to help with testing.)

Even without slats, my initial goal was to have 3 states: fully open, partially open, and closed — respective to up, my/stop, and down commands. But when I tried to implement this, the tile would only display 2 states — so I eventually gave up on the partially open state. I think this is a limitation of SmartThings, but I hope someone has a workaround.

Thanks @Ashwin. I took your code and changed around some of the tile names and status of the blinds. The “tilt down or stop” tile is the equivalent of the “My” button. When I press this tile OR the “up” tile" the state becomes ON and when I press the “Tilt Open or Down” button, the state is OFF. The dilemma for me is let’s say I wanted to tilt close my slats with a hello home action, I have ST turn the switch ON, but it is choosing to put my blinds all the way Up and not
Tilt them closed. Basically the tile buttons work perfect, but any automation I try to do is unpredictable since the UP and TILT DOWN/STOP are the same ST state (ON). How are you folks using hello home actions with this device type and getting predictable results??

@Mbhforum, I just created a new Device Type that might solve your problem. If you create a Hello Home action that dims the shades to 50%, it should send a MY command. (This code hasn’t been tested yet, so there are probably some bugs.)

Here’s the logic I added:
Up: > 75%
MY: 25% to 75%
Down: < 25%

This should also help people send MY commands from @625alex’s ActiON Dashboard.

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Thanks for being up early like me! Unfortunately, that did not work and still raised the blinds all the way UP when doing a Hello Home Action. However, it does work when I try it from the Action Dashboard. I am thinking it’s the order of processing when doing a Hello Home Action to turn light ON and then DIM?

Also, how come when I update the Device Type and Publish, the blinds aren’t getting the update? I have to constantly keep creating a new device type and assigning the blinds the new one. Makes it time consuming to test new code.

I just scheduled my shades to dim to 50% at 3:30 AM and they went to the MY position at that time. I haven’t used Hello Home actions yet, but it stands to reason that they would issue commands just like schedules. I’m not sure why that isn’t the case.

It might take a few minutes. Sometimes I have to force quit the app and reopen it.

Very strange. I just scheduled it to close at a certain time and it worked also. However, it won’t work with a Hello Home action. Very strange…

I combined my device type with the device type written by SmartThings. I haven’t tested it exhaustively yet, but it seems to work with Hello Home actions :slight_smile: . Let me know if you still have any issues.