Somfy Motorized Blinds (Z-Wave)

In case it helps anyone else using Amazon Echo to control Somfy for shades. The Echo seems to set any dimmable device type to 25% when you say “Alexa turn on (or open) xyz”. (Lots of people report the same default 25% issue with many lighting device types). With most community contributed Somfy device types that 25% setting would result in window shades not opening until you repeat the open command to Alexa. The level of 25% is considered closed. And that second open command results in full open 100% unless you tell Alex to set level to 50% etc. My wife thought specifying a level % was too much trouble.

The quick work around is to change device handler code} else if (level <= 25) to } else if (level <= 24) so a level of 25 now becomes the My/Open setting with the first Alexa voice command. In my case, the first open command to Alexa now opens shades to the My set point. And the next open command opens shades all the way. Nifty for real world usage.

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Lowes doesn’t seem to know what I’m talking about when I’m asking for the “16 channel bridge” or the “zrtsi” in relation to the bali blinds system. Does anyone have like a part number or something I can give them that is definitive on how to look it up?


1/2 way down In center select home automation (near How it works)

From the Sonesse 30 Databook:
Z-Wave to RTS Interface number is: 1811265
Not sure if Lowes uses the same.

Hey @ben,

Has there been any progress with official support for Somfy support in SmartThings? Or is it still a hack? I saw the SmartThings commented in here that official support is coming but that was over a year ago now. Some progress must have been made, no?

I see you are new around here =P

There has been very little progress made on an official Somfy integration. There is some great work in the community but i wouldn’t hold my breath for an official integration soon. I am currently checking this out:

I need blinds in my house. Badly. I have been using paper ones for over a year.

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Thanks for the reply, @Ben. That’s a shame. Who’s to blame for the holdup? Official Somfy integration would be so nice. I guess it must be harder than I would have imagined. Will probably hold off investing into the Somfy systems until they support more home automation protocols such as SmartThings and HomeKit.

Here is a updated DH that does shades or blinds in a single device.

In settings for the device, you can set for shades or blinds.

The blinds portion is new based on @Mbhforum blinds operation. I don’t know if this is standard setup procedure for Somfy and blinds.


Just installed 9 bali blinds with somfy motors thru Home Depot with no problems. Was super easy to do with the RTS controller and using ash : Somfy Z-Wave Shades Multi tile ide. Works great on my phone and tablet. Just a tip, you can order online or in the store, if you order in store the prices are lower for some reason. Got them on sale for 20% off but the sale is already over. They said they do them thur out the year so just look on line from time to time to see if they have more sales.

Ok, I know I am new to the forums (just got my hub today) but one thing I can help out for this thread specifically is, if anyone needs the ZRTSII for $85 in the US and $100 in Canada just PM me. I can provide it fairly reliably considering where I work at. Also for those interested I will be posting about some new interesting automated blind & shade solutions in about a month (which should all work with smartthings without a bridge)

Another note I would like to add, if you are looking at buying new blinds or shades with motorization feel free to PM me. We sell Graber products (same parent company as bali, better quality) as well as others that use Somfy motors, I can tell you right now our pricing will be ridiculously low compared to everything else you can find out there. We ship to both Canada and the US with separate pricing for each. Also if you check the pricing on our website, its currently being updated in terms of motorization so the pricing will be on the higher side, just message me and I can send you a quote. In some cases the prices will be the same as you retrofitting those motors.


Do you know of a motorized setup that will work with cellular shades that open both top–>bottom and bottom-up?

Hmmm, I am not aware of anything ready made. But I can definitely look into it and get back to you, but regarding an easily integrate-able option, I seriously doubt it. I can already foresee a few issues that would require solving.

OK thanks. If you think there’s a solution that could work, feel free to PM me so I can hear more about it.

Hi All, I’ve done a bunch of research for the last year, and decided that Somfy is the way to go for cellular skylight shades for our family room, and like the idea of DIY/eBay, but haven’t found any good resources on exactly what is required. I think skylights might be a slightly different beast since they need tension to hold them in place.

What shades work with a Somfy motor?

I know I need an RTS compatible Somfy, but is there a list of the Somfy motor models that are RTS compatible?

Thanks in Advance,

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Somfy support has been very good when I have called them, so I suggest you give them a try.

They should be able to answer which motors are compatible. They don’t make the shades, so you may be separately speaking with the shade company on what motor they use.

Usually, their 12v RTS motor is all that is required (that’s what is used for cellular). It can be powered by a battery pack, a DC transformer or a solar kit.

The only slightly complicated part would be the actual retrofitting. The motor and all its components are basically plug and play.

Can you please tell me how I can order a ZRTSII fro $85 from you?

Thank you,
ab92692 at gmail

Hey folks and @duncan in particular, I am just about ready to order a professional install of Somfy blinds minus the smart home integration of course. They are offering both ZRTSI and ZDMI options. I read this entire thread and I think I understand the difference. ZDMI talks directly to the motors and you need one for each motor, while the ZRTSI talks to a separate proprietary wireless controller that can control up to 16 blinds

In my case I will only have one blind so I prefer the ZDMI especially because it provides feedback about position and is truly two-way. This leaves me still with two questions. First, will all the custom devices posted here work with ZDMI? They appear to all be aligned with the ZRTSI option. Just checking. Second, will the ZDMI device act as a zwave mesh network repeater? It runs on 24V DC powered via a transformer so I am guessing not but you never know. So if no, then will the device go to sleep periodically like motion sensors, and if so, is there a way to trick it into thinking it is powered all the time as it will be via a transformer?

Finally, I am attaching the spec sheet for the ZDMI unit that I obtained from the installer. He told me you can only find these on the pro website so I thought I would share.

Please let me know how I can obtain a ZRTSII from you at this price. Amazon prices the ZRTSI at over $200. By the way, what is the difference between ZRTSI and ZRTSII?

Often times you find them for lower prices at lowes if you go in and ask for it via the part number. Amazon are resellers trying to make money on the markup.

I would still go with the ZRTSII since it is future proof if you add more blinds. While it may be nice to know the position I really only care about open/closed via my rules… Not sure on the price difference.

I installed all my blinds, its not that hard and I probably saved a ton. Not ‘hardwired’ but have outlets near all my blinds.