Somfy Motorized Blinds (Z-Wave)

Hi Guys, I got my Somfy motors finally installed after 6 months of research and locating a local installer! I also have the zWave RTS Interface and a Somfy MyLink hub and am playing around with both. The MyLink hub seems very basic now, doesn’t report status and is limited to 5 channels. I am hopeful they can fix this with a software update (the status reporting at least). I might return it.

I got it integrated it with SmartThings, but I am trying to schedule automated actions. The issue is there is 3 states with my sheer horizontal slats: Up(Blinds Up), Open(Blinds Down, Slats Open), Closed (Blinds Down, Slats Closed). The Device Type Code from @Ashwin and @chriswood1001 both utilize a Switch with On and Off and no other states. Is there a way to utilize 3 different states in a device type for all 3 of my possible possibilities?

I don’t know which z-wave commands to use for slats. If someone chimes in I would be happy to update my device type with slat controls. (I have rolling shades without slats, so I would need someone to help with testing.)

Even without slats, my initial goal was to have 3 states: fully open, partially open, and closed — respective to up, my/stop, and down commands. But when I tried to implement this, the tile would only display 2 states — so I eventually gave up on the partially open state. I think this is a limitation of SmartThings, but I hope someone has a workaround.

Thanks @Ashwin. I took your code and changed around some of the tile names and status of the blinds. The “tilt down or stop” tile is the equivalent of the “My” button. When I press this tile OR the “up” tile" the state becomes ON and when I press the “Tilt Open or Down” button, the state is OFF. The dilemma for me is let’s say I wanted to tilt close my slats with a hello home action, I have ST turn the switch ON, but it is choosing to put my blinds all the way Up and not
Tilt them closed. Basically the tile buttons work perfect, but any automation I try to do is unpredictable since the UP and TILT DOWN/STOP are the same ST state (ON). How are you folks using hello home actions with this device type and getting predictable results??

@Mbhforum, I just created a new Device Type that might solve your problem. If you create a Hello Home action that dims the shades to 50%, it should send a MY command. (This code hasn’t been tested yet, so there are probably some bugs.)

Here’s the logic I added:
Up: > 75%
MY: 25% to 75%
Down: < 25%

This should also help people send MY commands from @625alex’s ActiON Dashboard.

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Thanks for being up early like me! Unfortunately, that did not work and still raised the blinds all the way UP when doing a Hello Home Action. However, it does work when I try it from the Action Dashboard. I am thinking it’s the order of processing when doing a Hello Home Action to turn light ON and then DIM?

Also, how come when I update the Device Type and Publish, the blinds aren’t getting the update? I have to constantly keep creating a new device type and assigning the blinds the new one. Makes it time consuming to test new code.

I just scheduled my shades to dim to 50% at 3:30 AM and they went to the MY position at that time. I haven’t used Hello Home actions yet, but it stands to reason that they would issue commands just like schedules. I’m not sure why that isn’t the case.

It might take a few minutes. Sometimes I have to force quit the app and reopen it.

Very strange. I just scheduled it to close at a certain time and it worked also. However, it won’t work with a Hello Home action. Very strange…

I combined my device type with the device type written by SmartThings. I haven’t tested it exhaustively yet, but it seems to work with Hello Home actions :slight_smile: . Let me know if you still have any issues.

Thanks @Ashwin, it worked!!!

I am definitely returning the Somfy MyLink hub as there is not much of a benefit, has the same shortcomings and is double the price of the zRTS II. The only benefit of the MyLink is it’s a nicer GUI for controlling your blinds than ST which will change once the integration is more formal.

Update: Nevermind # 1. Works perfect, I spoke too soon.

As far as # 2 above, I was able to get it sorta working with @obycode SmartRules app, but that actually was sending commands to the blinds and creating undesired behavior.

If the SmartApp is sending commands to each of the blinds, maybe you don’t need an All Blinds tile. Try creating a virtual On/Off tile and use that to initiate the app.

Thanks I thought of that as well. I thought it would be cleaner to use the all blinds channel as its sending one command instead of 4. Anyway, setup is working great!

Thanks! I just ordered at Lowes using your photos. American Express is running an offer for $10 off $50 at Lowes so I got it for $85 which is great.

If you have an Amex, make sure to log into their site and activate the Lowes offer before purchasing. If it worked, you’ll get an email immediately after purchasing saying that your deal was used.


Are you still selling the Somfy ZRTSI II z-wave bridge?

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Hi Carlos,

I was away when you messaged me, but I am still offering Somfy ZRTSI II Z-Wave bridges at the discounted price. As there is a small backlog on orders, most orders will likely ship the 1st week of May. Thank you.


Matthew, I’d like to order a ZRTS II if you are still supplying them at discounted prices. Let me know how to contact you to make arrangements. I think I saw a recent post that indicated May availability at earliest which is fine as I’m in no rush. Cheers

thanks for note Matthew - I’d not seen the post re Lowes selling for $95, that’s awesome, cheers. For anyone else that want to purchase, if you want to save yourself a trip to Lowes (or if you are ordering from outside the US like me), you can order online for similar pricing (US$100) at ‘blindsgalore’ dot com.

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Just bought it for $100 total from BlindsGalore - thanks for the tip!

Now I need to sell this damn dry control box I bought almost 2yrs ago for Roomie Remote integration and never used.

Hi all - thanks for the tips! These are super helpful!

I tried ordering the Bali ZRTS II from BlindsGalore, but they put the order on hold asking for the original purchase order # for the blinds. Has anyone else faced this problem?

I’m unable to find the purchase order (previous owner installed the blinds and he can’t be bothered with these things), so if you have one ZRTS II for sale here, I’d love to buy one from you. Please let me know.

Hello bgriff, I just wanted to follow up with you to see if you ever decided to purchase a Skybell? If so, I would love to get some input on your experience. Please feel free to contact me at