Something Went Wrong Yesterday

Let me start back with yesterday. I had to reinstall my SkyBell Doorbell because it lost connection with my wifi extender. Extender went bad & needed to replace. After reinstall I went to my web page
and tried to delete & reinstall because it showed as inactive. When I deleted the Skybell it also wiped out all my information on my tablet & web site. When I went to my tablet to try & open Smartthings it wanted a complete new reinstall just like I never had an account.
But here is the real kicker, when I go to my phone, my wife’s phone or her tablet we can control everything just like nothing happened. Also all my automations are working. But nothing works with Alexa since problem.
What have I done & how do I fix it?

Be sure you are in the correct location. Default is Home. Click the hamburger menu (more), in the app, and check your location. You can click the down arrow to change locations.

Sorry for the delay in replying I have some siding work I have to get done before the rainy season hits in FL.
I checked my phone my wife’s phone & her tablet they are all set on Home.
I can not get into my tablet as it still wants me to do a complete new reinstall.
I was able to add My Hub to the web site so now I have My Locations & My Hub listed.
So now do I need to go back into the above listed website & add all my devices back in?(nothing listed) & also all my Smart Apps (nothing listed)?

Everything is back to normal. Spent an hour plus with support, found out I had 2 emails tied to my account & it was a conflict.

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