Something seems very wrong

(Bobfrankston) #1

I keep getting logged off from the IDE site when I try to do anything and running into access denied. I’ve also been finding that while the site claims that operations have been performed nothing actually happens. And this is occurring in suspicious patterns with particular sets of lights

I’d have the hub recompute the routing but I can’t do it via the site - will try recycling the power on the hub.

(Marc) #2

Do you have the action dashboard open? If so, the oauth sessions are logging you out…

(Bobfrankston) #3


I stopped the Action4.5 web page and that particular problem seemed to go way-- file as a WTF and a serious bug somewhere in - done know if it’s an architectural problem or what but I don’t understand how such a problem will happen. I’ve used Action 4 a long time so why now?

But that still doesn’t explain why my devices aren’t responded to commands - the log is showing the events but the devices are not seeing them. Some are currently connected after Insteon switches as a plan B – could there an interaction? Are there any Zigbee bulbs that report their real status? I’m trying to deploy SmartThings in production but it is difficult.

(DLee) #4

You can’t have two different forms of authentication at the same time from the same browser to the same server. The dashboard uses OAuth. When I want to play with the dashboard I use it in Firefox while using Chrome for the IDE authentication.

For the second problem try rebooting your hub. I’ve had several glitches over the past week and a few instances of losing Zigbee motions sensors.

(Bobfrankston) #5

I rebooted the hub but it didn’t solve the problem. As to two windows with Oauth in the same browser – will check withthe OAuth people on that.