Something had disabled my routines

I found the problem. Something had disabled the routines. I don’t think it was me, because I don’t think I knew it was possible to disable routines.

Yesterday, location stopped working again. I guess starting a new thread makes sense.

@rob_uk I’ve moved your comment to a different thread. Here, @Ivan_Luis_Falleau will be following your case.

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Thanks for moving it. I haven’t noticed any routines being disabled again.

When the Android app was updated a couple of weeks ago, some routines were disabled. It wasn’t too much hassle to enable them again, but I shouldn’t have to do this just because the app has been updated.

@rob_uk I didn’t hear a similar issue, Do you remember the day when it happened?, also Could you share with me the routine Id?

Sorry for not replying earlier.

I can’t remember the days it happened on, but I think it was the two updates before I posted here. There have been subsequent updates and I haven’t noticed the same problem. There was another update today, so let’s see…

I can’t remember what type of routines were disabled.